Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Getting to Know Us!

Well I honestly don't know what happened, but my blog ate up my last post. It's not the first time it's done this to me but it's quite annoying. Anyway......moving on.....

I'm an open book and I don't think there's much that I don't talk about on my blog. But I'm sure there's still a lot you don't know about me, about my husband and who we are, so I thought this meme would be fun to do.

We talk so much about our lives and kids and homes but very seldom do we take the time to talk about our better halves and let's face it, they put up with us a lot more than we let on LOL

1. Who is your man?

Curtis, a SSGT in the United States Air Force, a lover of video games and action movies, a kid at heart, a man that loves his family, that will get on the ground with the kids and wrestle and play pony and act completely goofy. The man I love.

2. How long have you been together?
11 years

3. How long dated?

For one year, we met online and got married a year to the day

4. How old is your man?

He is 35 years old

5. Who eats more? Must we really go there? I would say him, but there's days I completely overdo it LOL

6. Who said "I love you" first?
He did

7. Who is taller?
Definitely him, he's 5'11 and I'm only 5'4

8. Who sings better?
Oh that would be me LOL He unfortunately is tone deaf...*sorry honey but you are*

9. Who is smarter?
Ha Ha Ha Ha, Ho Ho Ho, He He He, oh you're serious??? Oh well then me I guess LOL

10. Whose temper is worse?
I think we're both pretty even here, it just takes me a lot longer to loose it, he tends to snap quicker LOL

11. Who does the laundry?
I do

12. Who takes out the garbage?
He does or I do if it needs to go out and he's not home or is deployed....though maybe next time I could just call his First Shirt and demand that he is brought home cause the garbage is overflowing LOL

13. Who sleeps on the right side of the bed?
He does

14. Who pays the bills?
I do

15. Who is better with the computer?
For software and programming it's me, for anything hardware and building and rebuilding etc, that's him.

16. Who mows the lawn?
He does

17. Who cooks dinner?
I do

18. Who drives when you are together?
He does, I don't even like driving when I'm alone LOL

19. Who pays when you go out?
Whoever stopped by the bank before the meal LOL

20. Who is most stubborn?
Definitely him, he will just NOT give in even when he knows he's wrong (though he just said he is NEVER wrong LOL)

21. Who is the first to admit when they are wrong?
Me LOL (Oh boy I am going to be in so much trouble when he reads this LOL) But really, it's me, he will just act like nothing happened or wonder what I'm upset about like he wasn't even there during the fight LOL

22. Whose parents do you see the most? Neither, mine are in South Africa and his mom is in Texas and this military thing means we're never near anyone.

23. Who kissed who first?
It was a mutual thing

24. Who asked who out?
He asked me out

25. Who proposed?
He did

26. Who is the most sensitive?
Oh definitely me, sometimes I wonder why he has to act like he has no feelings (again, I'm probably sleeping in the dog house tonight LOL)

27. Who has more friends?
Neither one of us, we're each other's best friends. Again, being in the military you never really have a set group of friends, they're always moving

28. Who has more siblings?
I do, I have 3 brothers and one sister, Curtis has one brother

29. Who wears the pants in the family?
Literally, it would be him, but figuratively (hahahahahahahah)

30. How did you meet?
On the internet, in a chat room

That was a LOT of fun to do LOL Curt read the answers and he's not very impressed with me (hahahahaha)

If you decide to join in, which I hope you do cause now I'm DYING to know the answers to yours LOL Please let me know so I can come and take a peek. I'm off to kiss my husband and hug him and tell him that I really didn't mean what I said here, but then again I would be lying wouldn't I? LOL


  1. That was a fun one - I think I'll join you!

  2. Sandra, thank you for sharing this with us. I just learned a tibit or two about you. A SSGT. not bad I was a SGT( E-4) back in the day now they call an E-4 a Senior Airman. The funny thing is that my late Dad was an SGT in the Army Air Force.
    I we both told each other that we love you at the same time the first time.

  3. That was a pretty cool meme. I will join you. We have some things in common, that is probably why we met over the net. I hope I don't get myself in too much trouble either.

  4. Oh lol, I might have a go at some point too.


  5. I think that is amazing you met on the internet,,,what a story for the kids one day.

  6. Sandra,

    This looks like a lot of fun! I'll join you. I'll probably be in the doghouse with ya...LOL.

  7. I think I'll join you on this one too!

  8. That was fun! I saw it over at Annie's as well.

  9. I love that you met your hubby online too! ;)

  10. I'll have to do this sometime!

    You sound like a great match!

  11. I saw the picture you posted and wondered if you were out at Luke. I live in Arizona so just wondering.

  12. that was a cute meme! I'll have to do this one sometime soon!

  13. That was fun! I did it on my blog, too.

  14. Sounds like a good guy! Though mine can sing better than me. :)

  15. that was a cute meme, just finished mine


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