Friday, August 8, 2008

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Walking on Sunshine!

Boy did we have a huge thunderstorm last night, the lightning was so bright that everytime it hit, the inside of the house looked like it was afternoon.

I do love sleeping with the sound of rain outside the window though, you hear the soft pitter patter on the rooftop, the branches scraping against the window, the wind blowing, and you're safely snug inside your bed, it's like being in a little cocoon of warmth.

But this morning, it's all gone, the rain has left and instead we have a cloudless blue sky, the sun is shining bright but there is still the *after the rain* smell. You know the one right? Love it!

Since it was cloudy and dreary all day yesterday, I threw a beef stew in one crockpot and a Herb Bread in the other. The scent emanating from both was enough to make me almost say "forget the diet", ALMOST, but I did behave and contain myself. By the time nighttime rolled around, the rain was coming down hard while we sat around the dinner table with a bowl like this:

See that bread slice? Can you believe that it was baked in the crockpot? I had no idea you could do that, I guess I should have known since pretty much anything can be made using your slow cooker, but there's a first time for everything right? I think I'll be baking more soon, and with 3 slow cookers at my disposal I may just turn my house into a small bakery *snort*

Later today I'll post a recipe for Apple Hand Pies, they are so easy to make and the kids pretty much snorted those up in no time LOL

Remember the sewing machine problem? Well I cleaned it up really good oiled it and changed the bobbin and now it works just wonderfully (wait is that a word? I can't even remember), so I sat down yesterday while the kids were quiet. Jasmine was in her bedroom devouring books, she's become quite an avid reader which makes me so happy....and Nicholas was in the living room laying on the couch with his blanket, watching tv.

I cut out all the fabric and within 30 minutes I had made two very easy fabric tote bags, they turned out so well and one has already become my designated library bag. In fact, I took it with us to the library yesterday and got 2 compliments on it. Who knows, maybe I'll make one to give away here or make some to sell. Seems that everyone and their mother has an Etsy shop nowadays LOL Maybe it's my turn?

LOVE them and Jasmine has already asked me for one for two matching ones, one for herself and one to send to her best friend in Idaho. BUT, I also want to make some for my nieces back home, so I guess I'll be busy for a while but considering how extremely easy they are to make, shouldn't take me long.

I also want to start my Advent Calendar from Allsorts. With the kids starting school on Monday I'll have plenty of quiet time to get stuff done around here, so don't be surprised if you start seeing pictures pop up on my blog with crafts and projects galore.

Now what else is going on here??? Oh reading, of course, I'm already reading, I finished the Firstborn Series by Karen Kingsbury and while I loved them, it was sad to read the last book and now it makes me want to jump right into her Sunrise Series which are supposed to be about the Baxter family and also Katy and Dayne. Can't wait.

While at the library yesterday I picked up a few more books:

One Tuesday Morning #1 September 11 Series- Karen Kingsbury
Spell of the Highlander - Karen Marie Moning (yes it's a series but I didn't realize until I picked up the book and started reading it LOL..oh well)
Bright Captivity #1 in the Georgia Trilogy - Eugenia Price

Good books!

For today I'm just cleaning the house, probably making one or two bags and getting all the final things ready for school starting on Monday. It will be a busy morning but then I'm hoping to have some quiet time in the afternoon to visit all the blogs, catch up on email and watch some tv.

Hope you're all having a wonderful friday!


  1. Sounds like a full day. Enjoy. And good luck with Nicholas going to school Monday.

  2. We got WONDERFUL rain today too! I remember strolling in the rain when mine were younger-I need to get out the umbrella and take a walk-I've already done the 'after the rain' tour through my yard-my plants are sooo happy-my dumb little kitten (who is drenched to the bone) isn't! (the food is too yummmy looking, and the bags look easy and pretty;)

  3. The bags are adorable, Sandra. Love them.

  4. Just stopping by to invite you over for an afternoon tea!! "cyber-style".
    Thank You for all of your wonderful sweet comments!
    Please come by as often as you like!!

    Those bags are so neat!!

    Blessings~ Kelly Maria

  5. Get the kleenex out for One Tuesday Morning! There's a second one to that called Beyond Tuesday Morning.

    Yum, your stew looks wonderful. You really do need to install a smell program though! ;v)

    Cute, cute bags!

  6. Those bags are so cute! I love that one is your library bag. I always just carry mine in my hands, so boring :)

    I liked the Firstborn series too and am waiting on her to finish the Sunrise series. In the mean time, I thankfully have many other wonderful books to read. My problem is too many books and not enough time :)

    Have a great day and weekend, Sandra!

  7. I love the bags you made. It's such fun to create from all the pretty fabrics available.

    That advent garland is cute beyond words. I went over and copied the pattern and will definitely have to make that one for somebody. Haven't decided who yet.

  8. Sounds like you are a busy busy lady. The food looks delicious and the bags are so nice. We had rain last night too, but I am a sound sleeper and slept right through it. You can't hear it very much in our bedroom anyway unless it is a real downpour. I love it when you can hear the rain.

  9. I haven't been by in a while and I didn't know you had a new layout. I LOVE IT!! You are so talented, and now your making totes. You must post a tutorial. I know you say they are easy, but you don't have a clue how clueless that I am about sewing! I'm learning but very slowly. and how do you get so much accomplished in one day? What time do you wake up? I just can't seem to get it together.

  10. I am really glad you have sorted the machine! The bags are absolutely beautiful, and I am sure you could sell them here too. Once school starts, it really does become a run up to Christmas, doesn't it - we need to get started on the projects! I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with this year!

  11. Very pretty bags! That herb bread smells wonderful just from the photo. Happy reading to you!

  12. Cooking, cleaning, everything else that goes with being a wife and mom, AND sewing? You're making some of us look like rank amateurs here LOL... I think I have read some Karen Kingsbury books, I will look her up later. No matter how much work I have to do, must always make time for reading!

    Have a great weekend -


  13. Just an FYI - you have an award on my blog . . .

  14. HI Sandra :)

    I love the bags you made !!!The Beef Stew looks delicious..As does the bread looking forward to making it in the slow cooker..hugs.

  15. The beef stew looks delicious and the bread sounds too easy... No rising twice or anything? We're kind of addicted to the bread machine, but I'll have to keep that in mind to try.

    I love the green tote with the pink lining, so cute! The felt I ordered should come next week, I'll have to go pick up buttons and red embroidery floss (I have some but want to buy a couple to make sure it all matches), and maybe a bag of pom-pom's to try the elf shoes too. I also ordered some red felt, not sure what to do with it yet... still deciding on all the projects... calendar first though. :)

    I LOVE the after the rain smell.

  16. Hi Sandra,

    Your fabric tote bags are so cute! I have to say I have never made one -- and seeing yours has inspired me! ;)

  17. Love rainy summer days. We don't get them very often here.

    One Tuesday Morning is a good one, but be sure you follow it up with Beyond Tuesday Morning... that has the real story. Enjoy your books!


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