Monday, August 11, 2008

# simple woman's daybook

The Simple Woman Daybook - August 11th

Hi everyone, come on in and see what's in my daybook!

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Outside my Window skies, not a cloud in sight, my sheets drying on the clothesline.

I am thinking...that dropping off Nicholas at kindergarten this morning was just as hard as I thought it would be

I am thankful for...the fact that he was such a strong little boy, he didn't cry or cling at all, he just jumped right into it. :)

From the kitchen...Ham and Cheese Casserole and for dessert the leftover Tres Leches Cake from my birthday yesterday

I am creating...Fabric purses with some fun summer fabric I have laying around

I am going... to clean this house from top to bottom, with both kids in school I'm sure I can get a lot done

I am wearing...shorts and a pink striped top, black flip flops

I am reading...Wow, well, nothing right now, I've read a bunch of books this past week. I finished the "Firstborn" series by Karen Kingsbury which I loved, then I read "The spell of the highlander" by Karen Marie Moning, absolutely loved it too and I also read "One Tuesday Morning" it was so sad and I cried most of the book. Next on my list to read is "Bright Captivity" by Eugenia Price, it's the first book in the Georgia Trilogy.

I am hoping...That my kids have a good first day at school.

I am hearing... absolutely nothing, the silence is actually deafening for me since it's the first time in 9 years that I've had the house to myself.

Around the house...the dishwasher is running, the washer is running too, I have floors that are about to be mopped and bed linens to change

One of my favorite things...kisses from my children first thing in the morning

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Library on thursday, Grocery shopping on Friday. The rest of the week I'll be busy reorganizing the kids bedrooms and purging what is not needed anymore. It's easier done when they're out of the house because everything tends to turn into their favorite once I try to get rid of it LOL

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...First day of school, fourth grade and kindergarten


  1. i love the simple woman's daybook. i've done it once but will do it again soon. it give such great insight into a woman's current thoughts and actions.

    what a monumental day for you. both kids off to school. i'm sure the silence is deafening, and probably a little hard to get used to. enjoy your alone time. imho, it makes you a better mother when the kids are around.

  2. I have been thinking of you this morning. Wow...the whole house to yourself. You have earned it. You will probably be lonely. Enjoy your day though....I cherish my Wednesdays alone.....

  3. I know what you mean about the deafening silence!
    I'm sure they're having a great time but I'm also sure they can't wait to get a hug from mom when they get home too!

  4. Oh wow, what a milestone for you guys! I'm glad he's transitioning well to kindergarten though. I bet the silence is deafening :) Enjoy it though and do something for you!

    Have a great day and a wonderful week, Sandra!

  5. What a big day for you and your children! I'm sure you'll cherish the hugs you get at the end of the day as much as the ones you get in the morning.

  6. Just a note that I'm thinking of you on your first day alone . . .

  7. I'm sending you a hug - when I shipped my oldest off to Kindergarten, I sobbed. I actually didn't sleep the night before - it was terrible.

    He's off to first grade in a few weeks and now, I can't

    ((((HUGS))) and I hope both of your babies had a GREAT day!

  8. That picture of Jasmine on the first day is adorable! I can just imagine how quiet it is there for you!

    Sheets dried on the line, one of my favorite smells from childhood.

  9. I felt the same way today on my kids first day of school. I think this is the first time I've been at home ever on their first day of school. My son is a junior, and my daughter is a sophmore. That makes me kind of sad that throughout their life I've always had to go to work. Today though I couldn't wait for them to get home and tell me about their days!

  10. Ha!! I plan to clean out my kids rooms as soon as school starts too! I agree that it is som much easier when they aren't "helping"!! School for us starts on the 25th...I'm counting the minutes but I know I will be sad when they get on the school bus!!

  11. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Jasmine looks so cute and confident!!

    Nicolas looks adorable and a little apprehensive... I saw that look on a couple of my kids' faces on the first day of Kindergarten. I hope they both had wonderful first days!! =)

  12. first day of school !!! Already. Sweet pics. Have a great week. This was fun !! Mica

  13. Great post! First day of school - sounds like all went well (I am behind catching up with everyone). Have a great week and enjoy dancing in the living room!!


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