Sunday, August 3, 2008

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Sunday Morning!

Hope you're all doing well, me, I'm feeling a bit slow this morning. Had a busy busy day yesterday, it started with the morning at Walmart, then Peter Piper Pizza for lunch, it was a special treat for the kids.

And then I didn't get to bed until late last night, you know why? Because of this:

Because I've been waiting for so long for it and literally ran to it in the store, then came home and closed myself in the bedroom to read. It's THAT good, and I'm proud to say I finished it last night. This was for me, by far, the BEST one of them all. Props to Stephenie Meyer who I believe is a neighbor of mine here in Arizona. AMAZING book, now I just have to try and contain myself to wait for the movie in December.

Breakfast is done and I have my hot coffee in hand
It's already hot outside, the sun is shining brightly and the birds are singing.

So after breakfast I'm ironing two baskets of laundry and mopping the kitchen floor and then?

Who knows! Maybe some more reading, maybe watching "The Secret Garden", one thing is for sure if I could I would be going for a walk here

But I can't, so I won't! I'll probably be getting backpacks ready and gearing up for school starting in a week. We got all the school supplies and wardrobe bought yesterday, all $350 of it. At Walmart no less, I can't even imagine if we were doing it somewhere else. But at least it's a once a year thing.

So tell me, how do you do your back to school shopping, do you also start the year with a bunch of new clothes for the kids and then buy at least one new outfit a month? Or do you buy just one back to school outfit for each kid and then clothes throughout the year?

I'm heading off to the laundry pile, it never ceases to disappear does it? I guess I'll putter around the house a little after that, who knows what else I'll do, I may just get some motivation to go sit in front of this and finish one of Jasmine's Summer dresses.

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  1. Hi Sandra! Just wanted to jot a quick note about Breaking Dawn: my 13 year old daughter loves this series, so much so that I agreed to go with her to a "Vampire Party" at the local Barnes & Nobles bookstore, from 10 to midnight last Friday. I'm not into the series (not 'cause I don't like it, but I just haven't taken the chance to read them), but we had lots of fun (some good constumes to be seen) and then at 12:01, we were able to buy the book...she's been reading almost nonstop since then...hasn't finished it; YOU must be a quick reader!! Oh, the movie...!!

    Have a fine Sunday afternoon, stay out of the heat...wish I could join you on a walk along that wooded path :o)

  2. Happy Sunday, Sandra! I can't believe that August is here. We will be getting ready for school, too. We won't need to buy new clothes for awhile's hot through September! LOL Enjoy your day!

  3. Anonymous3:29 PM

    Hi Sandra!

    I have to get that first book for both Jennah (my 12 year old) and I to read! I love books we can both read together! I see the last commenter said her 13 year old reads them, so they must be ok! She really loves vampire and fantasy type books! We're going on vacation on Saturday, so I think she will have to bring one of these books along!

    As for school clothes shopping -- I just started mine today! And at Walmart! I generally get them several outfits apiece, new socks and underwear and then when it gets really cold, pick up some sweaters/sweatshirts (remember cold weather?) Along the way if I see a good sale I will get more too. I am BAD when it comes to buying the kids clothes! But I do shop at Walmart and at big sales! So it's not all bad, right?


  4. It wasnt as hot here today as yesterday. We did back to school shopping last week. I'm glad we are done with it too....

  5. My niece has been reading the Twilight series with a serious passion and loves it!

    Maybe your hubby will be more inclined to do the signs when he realizes other military guys are doing it! LOL

  6. I made up my own optimistic saying that the laundry basket is always [at least] half full.

    I try to buy all the clothes 6 months ahead, so I am now looking for Spring/Summer clothes for next year. I tend not to buy much in the meantime.

  7. Oh... those pancakes!!! Can you tell I am hungry?! :)

    I am new to this whole school thing but my approach is going to be - buy some new (or new to Eve) clothes for this season, and then pick some up as she needs them throughout the year. She is growing like a weed right now! I don't want to buy something that she isn't going to fit into in a few months, you know.

    350 dollars??!! Glory!


  8. I guess I should go read the series! Everyone is talking about it today it seems!

    Your little guy's hair cut looks like my sons :)

    As for how we do the back to school shopping...we homeschool! We stock up on cheap supplies this time of year but then the kids can wear anything they want throughout.

    Have fun!

  9. What a day.....I love that photo of the woods and greenly mysterious. Your school starts very early. In my neck of the woods, school does not begin until September, after Labour Day weekend. So some years, school will start as late as September 9 !


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