Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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From the mouths of babes!

Who knew that once Nicholas started Kindergarten he would be coming home every day with new things to make me laugh??

Me - Nicholas did you have a good day?

Nicholas - Yes, we did the pokey pokey today, but I didn't do it too much cause I got confused with my left and my right foot.



Jasmine is enjoying her fourth grade but not really too happy, they started on monday and she's had homework every single day. I am not sure why they are already giving them work but what can I do? I keep explaining to her that things just get harder every year and she will have to adjust. Of course who knew that 9 year old girls were so hormonal, everything is filled with drama......this afternoon she came running into the kitchen, crying, because she had forgotten her composition book at school and couldn't do her homework which means she'll stay in for recess tomorrow and do it in the classroom.

You would have thought that it's the end of the world, she's been in a foul mood since then. Makes me so eager for the teenage years...NOT! LOL

So you may be wondering what exactly I'm doing to fill my time alone, let's just say that the house has never been cleaner, there is this amazing feeling of getting a chore done without interruptions. Who knew that if you started putting away laundry and had no interruptions you would be done within 20 minutes? I'm not used to this, it usually takes me a day, put away a shirt, mommy I'm hungry, put away some pants, mommy I'm thirsty, put away some underwear, fighting kids. This is a whole new way of living for me people LOL

In the meantime I've got a couple projects going on. The other day Katy mentioned using a canning jar as a candle holder and I smiled, because she must have read my mind....last week I made these, see them in the photo above, they're small jars above my stove, all I did was pop in a tea light and VOILA! instant country deco.

I have another tote bag I'm making for myself and I am trying to get started on the christmas projects, especially the advent calendar.

But I find that I get distracted because of the Olympics. I LOVE the Olympics, especially Michael Phelps in the swimming and anything to do with gymnastics. I sat up until way too late last night, watching the girls gymnastics and it broke my heart, I felt so bad for them, but so proud too, they are amazing.

BTW, Barb did an interesting post on the scoring being used for the Gymnastics, I have no clue why they changed the way they do it, but I'm confused and I was glad to see Barb confused too LOL I hate feeling that way alone! LOL

I haven't done my interesting cooking lately as a matter of fact I feel that my food blog is being neglected, but things will change in a few days. I'm getting my menus ready for the next two weeks and I'm hoping to make some really yummy stuff and then share it with you all.

For now, I'm going to take a shower, get into my jammies and help the kids get ready for night time, then I have more Olympics to enjoy.

I know, I know, this post was all over the place, I've switched subjects faster than the Arizona drivers switch lanes, which if you lived here you would totally understand. *snicker*
Tomorrow I'll try to come up with something more thought provoking, or interesting, or that actually makes sense, ok?


  1. Sandra Art Linkletter did say it best "Kids say the darndest things" Hugs and god's Love and Blessings. Mike g. said thatQ(It's an A.A.thing of Mine)

  2. The pokey pokey... so cute!

    And the hormones... GEESH! We are going through those here too ad my oldest wll be EIGHT in Januray. She has clmed down some now that she is getting used to the new schedule, but OH MY! I was convinced that she had been siwtched out for another child for the first few weeks. We started puttin gher to bed about 30 minutes early each night and that seemed to help. Nowshe is back to normal bedtime and it is all levelling out.


  3. How would it be to get house work and projects done?
    Our school's don't start until the end of August,
    so my time doesn't start till then and of course when the baby is sleeping.
    I really like the idea of using a canning jar as a candle holder, I just might have to do that.
    Enjoy your time while the kids are at school.
    Oh by the way I cried also when my oldest daughter went to kindergarten, however I don't know if I'll cry when my second child start's school this year, I love her but she can try my patients.
    Enjoy the Olympics!

  4. I love that picture of Nicolas! I'm glad to hear he's enjoying school so far! How nice that you get all this free time to yourself- enjoy it!

  5. Anonymous10:16 PM

    MAN! You've just reminded me that I've got to get started on making our Christmas gifts!

  6. Pokey, pokey. He's too cute.

    Funny how something as simple as a tealight in a jelly jar can be so pretty!

    I've been watching Olympics too, but at night time 'cause I work in the day. And I'm horrible for getting sucked in totally watching. I'll watch almost any of it except for boxing.

  7. Gosh Ya gotta love the pokey pokey!!!

    Okay I must confess the idea of cleaning house with out interruptions made me a tad bit green with
    I wonder what that would be like....Oh well I guess I'll never know and that is okay! :)

  8. Boy I do know about those Arizona drivers switching lanes. Drives me crazy. Your post may have been "all over the place", but it was interesting. I was disappointed as you were about the girl gymnists. They should have won the gold.

  9. I think everyone is blogging with one eye on the Olympics at the moment! Just as well it is 4 years till the next one!

  10. I'm glad you have time to yourself. You deserve it. Your candles look great. And the kids are too sweet...I;m glad Nicholas likes school. As for for gets very hard....just be there for her.

  11. It amazes me how much the homework has increased over the years.
    Halle- who was in Kindergarten last year- had homework every week!

  12. Pwwwwllllleeeaaaassseeee show us pictures of the totes you are making!! I can't wait to see them. I'm glad Nicholas is having fun at school, and believe me girls don't get better as they get older. My baby girl who is 15 has cried everyday this week when she comes home from school. Either its too hard, or its boring, or she doesn't have what she needs to do her homework. But I know from the past it'll calm down after the first week or two. She just has to get back in to the swing of things. Have a great day!

  13. Glad you're enjoying all the "free" time!

  14. Such a CUTE pic of him...

    right, left, east, west, north, south... it's all so confusing... I can relate... My hubby once told me to turn left, as I started turning he said "No, your other left!" I'm terrible with directions!

  15. Just stopping by to say hello!
    Happy Late Anniversary! I have to tell you something... Your husband has a TWIN!! It is my husband's cousin. When We saw your picture, we both "fell out" with amazement. The cousin and your husband look identical!!! I will have to get a picture of Jerrel(cousin) and post on my blog for you to see. I guess everyone does have a twin somewhere!!
    Beautiful Blessings~Kelly Maria

  16. youre very crafty...:-)
    your kids are so cute..

  17. I am so looking forward to all the things Eve will be coming home with. I love how five year olds see the world!

    I am so glad you are enjoying this new phase of life!


  18. WooT! Do you mean that I did something kind of decorating-interesting, first? -grin- I've been making these little candle-in-pretty-little-glass-jars thing, for a long time. Some jelly jars make interesting ones too... the kind-of fancy ones, I mean.

    I put some rice in the bottom and kind of 'smush' the tea light candles down in it. :-)

    Hours without kids at home! Oh the joy!!! >,-)

    Miss Mari-Nanci
    When Twilight Embraces

  19. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Oh I love the Olympics too. Still wondering about the discrepancy between what the men and women wear for beach volleyball LOL. Glad to see the women were #1 and #2 in the All-Around for gymnastics.
    Not looking forward to the kids going to school as much as I thought I would!
    My eight year old is going on sixteen at LEAST!

    Have a great weekend, I'm writing this Friday -

    Heather (momof4as... Blogger won't let me log in for some reason!)

  20. Glad y'all are making the adjustment to kindergarten ok! It does help in getting things done. I'm spending way too much time watching the Olympics too, but so fun!

  21. I can understand this post being "all over the place" (AZ driver don't use turn signals when they change lanes because it uses up battery power LOL) because YOUR schedule is up for grabs as it mommy this or mommy that. If I know you though, you'll have your days scheduled pretty soon...with fun stuff, too, instead of laundry!

    I remember when my daughter was learning to roller skate, the last fun thing they did during the free dkate was the Hokey Pokey...try doing THAT with skates and not fall down!!

    Oh, and I am an Olympic Addict too..stayed up way past midnite (normal bedtime 10 p.m.) on Thursday to watch our lady Gymnasts get gold and silver. Great job and had me biting my nails and actually covering my eyes when they did their tumbling runs!! I simply can't imagine working under such pressure...athletes are a special brand. Can't wait to see Michael go for that 8th medal in relay...did you see the interview with Mark Spitz, the swimmer who won the 7 gold in the 1972 Olympics..he was very gracious about possibly giving up his title of "most Golds won". Do ya think those little "zipper speedos" have something to do with Michael's speed??!! LOL When he stands up, I'm always sure they're going to fall off.

    Enjoy a great weekend.


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