Monday, April 26, 2010

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{ Gross....just plain gross }

There are certain things that totally gross me out, like mice (ugh can't even say it without cringing) and other creepy crawlers, but mostly mice and anything that resembles mice. If it's small and hairy and squeaks while it zips past you, it's just BAD.

For a reason though, I think that the things that most creep us out are usually the ones we tend to have more encounters with, like say, for instance, this morning.


I went out into the backyard to grab the fallen lemons from the tree. It's something I do often around here, there is just way too many lemons on that poor tree and she likes throwing them around when she gets tired of holding them all in her arms.

So there I was, basket in hand, all smiley because the weather was phenomenal and I'm walking around the tree, looking under and around....grabbing a lemon, checking if it's fine or if it's gone mushy etc.


Out of the corner of my eye I spot something grey and furry and for some reason, I'm having that whole inner fight with myself "it's a mouse, RUN"....... "Oh stop, it's probably one of the pugs and what kind of an idiot will you look like running into the house, what will the neighbors think?"

But I just couldn't keep from looking over there and now I wish I hadn't. I really wish I had followed my first instinct to just run as fast as my chicken legs could take me.

It was a mole, a dead mole. It was on it's back and all I could see were these ginormous yellow teeth the size of a pinky finger and about that thick too. GROSS.......GROSS!

I don't know how it died, fact is I didn't bother checking or asking questions, it was a drop-the-lemons-and-run-into-the-house-as-fast-as-you-can-while-screaming-and-shivering moment.

I waited until Curt woke up and sent him to dispose of the dead nasty bugger, all while thinking that maybe my dreams of one day owning my own little farm, were just a silly notion, I mean I'm not at all familiar with farm work but I'm assuming there is furry little rodents and big toothed moles and when they die you gotta take care of them right?

I'm grossing myself out just retelling this story, fact is I think I'll have nightmares about this tonight, I can't get the teeth out of my head, it's absolutely disgusting and the worse is knowing that my back and front yards have TONS of these little gross animals running around. Lord help me.

All Curt had to say was "be thankful you didn't step on it". COME ON....that's just.....excuse me while I break into goosebumps and shiver for about 5 minutes.

So anyway, that was my morning, needless to say I kept to the inside of the house for the rest of the day, I don't even want to look in that direction, it's like it's taunting me, I can just picture this small mole with his huge teeth and half sticking out of the ground, going "Sandra.....Sandddddrrraaaaa look at my big TEEF". BLECH!

Let's talk about better things shall we?

Like the awesome discovery I made at Goodwill two weeks ago and totally forgot to tell you.

For the longest time I've been wanting to get blue and white china, the really pretty ons, so imagine my surprise when I found 5 dinner plates for $2. Yes all five for $2. YAY!

Currier and Ives Dinnerware.

Currier & Ives Dinnerware

Currier & Ives Dinnerware

Aren't they beautiful? You may have noticed them in some of my food blog shots, like this one for tonight's dinner. Another great recipe from Trisha Yearwood's cookbook. Cowboy Lasagna. Yeehaw!


Ok I'm all done bugging you for now, I'll let you go enjoy some Lasagna while I go put away laundry, or I may just get lazy and leave that for tomorrow while I grab my book and snuggle on the couch.


  1. i love those plates i have some almost like those i got them at a yard sale

  2. Yuck, yuck, yuck! That would have done me in too.
    On the other hand - what a great deal on the plates!

  3. LOVE the plates - what an awesome Goodwill find! I Goodwill! :)

    The whole mole thing is definitely GROSS TO THE MAX!!!! :( Ick.

  4. That's the way I creep out about spiders. I can't even go into the room where I saw one. I have told my husband "If I tell you to kill a spider and it gets away, LIE to me and tell me you killed it." Otherwise I think it's still there. I can't even write this without getting the chills. I haven't encountered mice as much so they don't get me as bad. Why is it we are so scared of things that can really do us no harm?? It's crazy.

    Love the plates.

  5. Sandra,

    Oh those plates look so beautiful. What a deal I would have snatched them up too! I love how it makes the food look so much more colorful against the blue.

    Sorry about the encounter with Mr. Mole. I would have disposed of him for you.

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat

  6. love the dishes! I have a set of 8 churchill plates... they sold them at our savemart for $1.99 each for a while. They are different than yours, but I love them!

  7. Beautiful plates and that Cowboy Lasagna looks yummy. I'm off to check out that recipe next.


  8. Eww! I remember a couple winters ago I was heading out in the a.m. and there was a big, dead raccoon in the front yard. Frozen! I €still cringe.

    The plates are gorgeous, though. I love blue & white china, too.

  9. Thank you for the morning laugh! I was waiting for it to be some big hairy spider since its Arizona...but the mole was much funnier! And your husbands remark....loved it! LOL!

    And might want to rethink the farm.

    Love the plates.

    I need to do a post on my $130 weekend finds. Sounds like alot but its two pieces of that your plates would look FAB in.

  10. I so know what you mean about gross--I feel the same way about anything that has a hairless tail--I get physically sick just thinking about it. So sorry you found that but better you than the dogs.
    That is really gorgeous dinnerware. I love the color--and the lasagna looks wonderful too--off to look for the recipe.

  11. I vote for snuggling on the couch with a good book. I mean, after the unmentionable experience in the garden you deserve a break! :v) My nemesis are wasps and hornets. My hair just stands on end. I can't even empty the traps when I know darn well they are dead. ~shiver~

  12. double yuck!!! i hate critters like that...never could i live in a
    food looks delich..
    take care Sandra.

  13. Amy H.3:57 PM

    Hi Sandra, I'm just sipping a cup of coffee and catching up on my blog reading. I wanted to recommend Trisha's Chicken Piccata recipe from the new book. I just made it and it's delicious! I also wanted to say that I couldn't get into Battlestar Galactica either, I gave up after Season 2. The original was more fun!

  14. I'm in charge of rodent disposal in our house. Any kind of rodent, right up to rabbits, is hubs' worst nightmare phobia.

    Many a time I've had to rescue a mouse from our cat and release it on the field.

    I quite like them, but the word 'rat' sends shivers down hubs' spine! We found a dead vole on Tuesday. Cute little

    Sorry I'll stop going on about rodents!! Just to tell you we have that EXACT same plate at home here!



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