Friday, April 16, 2010

# giveaway winners

Trisha Yearwood Cookbook Winner!


Thank you all for the comments and for the entries, unfortunately I can only pick one winner, but for those that didn't win, if you get a chance to buy this book, go for it, it's wonderful.

I used to pick a winner.

The winner is #10 - Lynn at Country Heart and Roses

Congratulations Lynn!


  1. Congrats to Lynn!

  2. Congratulations to Lynn. I so want this cook book.

  3. Thank you!!

    Sandra, I am so excited to have won your great cookbook giveaway! I just know I'm going to enjoy it very much!!

    I have my email address below my name here, and I will send my name and address to you when I receive your email to me... Thanks!!

    ~Lynn (email)

  4. Congrats to Lynn - I'm sure she'll enjoy this!


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