Thursday, April 1, 2010

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Sandra 0 - Conditioner 3

Well good gravy, I suppose I was not meant to use conditioner on my hair this month.

It all started when I ran out of conditioner, I wrote it on my grocery list and set off to the commissary as I always do on payday.

I was almost done with the shopping and I headed to the bathroom aisle, you know, where they have the shampoos and conditioners and soaps and all that fun stuff.

What the heck is it with the way they pack these shelves? It can get so darn confusing trying to buy something and I'm one of those gals who shops price wise, I don't just go for name brand, other than a few items here and there, I don't really care what they're named as long as they do the job.

But after sitting there for what seemed an eternity, I finally settled on Suave, reached down, grabbed the shampoo and conditioner and dropped it in the shopping cart.

Didn't think about it again until last night, when I stood in the shower with my hair soaking wet, freshly shampooed and in need of conditioner. (I really should have paid attention when I put the groceries away).

Anyway, I reached for the conditioner, poured it into my hand and my mouth dropped open, wait a second this is not conditioner. Nope, it was shampoo, I grabbed two bottles of shampoo, but I could have sworn I was looking at the conditioner. Has that ever happened to you? You are looking at one thing and grab something completely different? Or not, is it just me? Oy!

So anyway, now I'm irritated because I don't have conditioner, so I went without and the thing is I have such thick hair that I really do need to get that conditioning in.

Nevermind, this morning I set off on foot to the Base BX, I did a bit of shopping, some more postcards, new mascara and some body lotion AND conditioner. Yes I actually grabbed conditioner, and stared at it and stared at it some more and kept looking into the shopping basket making sure it was indeed conditioner. Great, I finally got it.

Paid for my stuff, left the store and went and got my hair cut.

Walked all the way home, got to the house and know, when you go to the hair dresser and cut your hair you just HAVE to go home and wash it again and style it the way you want, right? Or again, is it just me? LOL

So anyway, I go to my bathtub and turn the water on and while it warms, I go to the kitchen where I had dropped the shopping bags to get my conditioner.

What the heck? I only have one bag and no conditioner, no body lotion, no mascara. You have GOT to be kidding me. I left it behind, either at the store or at the hair dresser. UGH!

Go ahead and laugh even though at this point I was literally starting to see red. Hahaha

After picking up the kids from school, we all went back to the BX, hubby needed some things and after hearing my story he told me to just pick up another conditioner. Ok I said. We got all the things we needed, paid and headed to the food court. While we were waiting for our order, it suddenly hits me. I didn't buy conditioner.

I mean, really?????? Come on, give this gal a break!

I had just had enough and at this point I actually started laughing because it's just ridiculous. I left the family waiting on the food and ran to the hair dresser but nope, nothing there, I didn't leave anything behind.

Ran into the BX to Customer Service and there was my bag, with my conditioner. Hallelujah, finally.

Needless to say, I just felt defeated, it was downright laughable. So Yeah.....Sandra 0 and Conditioner 3. Hmmmpfh!

Now here's a peak at my haircut. I used to have long hair and then cut it into an A-line Bob and now after a year with it, I'm sick of it and wanted something different.

I just told the hairdresser to do whatever and I think she captured me pretty well, it's cute, it's spunky and it's just totally me. Not that I think I'm cute and spunky, you know. LOL


Here's the back


So what do you think? Does it suit me?

Oh and to make myself feel better over the whole conditioner debacle, I stopped at the used book store at the BX and got myself these three books. Can't wait to read.



  1. I like it! Yes - it's cute and spunky and so are you!

  2. Oh man that made me laugh. I mean I'm sorry you went through that. Just talked about a lot of stuff to get in the way of conditioning your hair! lol

    Love the new hair by the way :)

  3. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Your hair is cute!

    Next time you don't have any conditioner, just use some Cider Vinegar in its place. Sounds weird, I know but it works, really well and you don't smell like vinegar. ;)

  4. Anonymous10:25 PM

    Not that I wish bad for you but i am glad someone else has days like these-makes me feel less alone! Some days are just tough arent they?

  5. Oh, bless your heart ... or bless your head, whichever is the case :)

    Love your new 'do though! I go on Thursday & I can't wait!!! Mainly though, I need to get grays covered so I don't look like Miriam's GRANDMA! :)

  6. Anonymous10:53 AM

    Lol at the conditioner thing, I do that sort of thing all the time.

    Your hair looks lovely. I want a new look but I'm not sure what.


  7. Very cute! A perfect cut for warmer weather.

  8. that sounds like pregnant brain, you better take a test!

  9. It's a very 'chick' dew!

  10. Your hair looks cute and yes I did laugh but only because I have done the same thing!!! I too have thick, coarse, somewhat curly/wavy hair and NEED conditioner, so I feel your pain. I too always come home from the hair dressers and re-do my hair.

    Put TWO postcards in the mail yesterday...I couldn't decide.

  11. I did almost the same thing except I came home with two bottles of conditioner instead of one shampoo and one conditioner!! I blame it on too many choices-I had finally narrowed it down to which one (like you, I tend to shop more by price) and then had to decide which fragrance PLUS my 7 yo was blabbing away!!

    I do like your new haircut- Very chic!

  12. I'm frustrated for you because that sort of thing happens to me all the time, and I totally understand how you feel. At least they had your things at the customer service desk! Imagine how mad you would've been if you had bought conditioner, and then found your bag too. LOL!

    <3 Sandra!

  13. oh I love your new hair cut! I wish I could just go to a sylist and tell her to do whatever with my hair, but I'm so afraid I wouldn't like how it turned out- even though I'm in desperate need of a change, I just don't have the confidence to make that leap! LOL Yours is definitely cute and spunky :)

  14. Anonymous12:38 AM

    Sandra, I like your new hairstyle. Very perky!

    You know I have done the same thing when shopping. I don't know if it is always our fault. I think sometimes some people pick stuff up and set them back down in the wrong place. So when the next person comes along they think they are picking up what they want and because it is in the wrong spot they get the wrong stuff. Make any sense?

    OH! One more thing absent-mindedness gets slowly worse as you age. Sorry!

    Happy Easter. Debbi

  15. Yes the haircut suits you, it's adorable.

    Pretty neat that you bought some books. Now that is a lot of fun. Looks like you got some good ones. Enjoy.

  16. Anonymous10:32 PM

    Just want to say what a great blog you got here!



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