Monday, April 5, 2010

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{ Pulling at my heartstrings..... }


I often sit and wonder just where time has gone?


How could it be possible that just yesterday I was holding this beautiful little tiny baby girl in my arms and today I'm faced with a stunning young lady?


She's pulling at my heartstrings, she's making me smile, she's making me grit my teeth in frustration, she's making me smile with her quirkiness and awesome sense of humor and then she's making me shed tears with her independent streak and her need to separate from under my wings.


Time has flown, literally whizzed past us, leaving us stumbling and dizzy with memories of when she was just a baby, taking her first steps, uttering her first words.


We're looking at her today and overwhelmed with feelings of pride and of joy and deep down, sadness because we know she's getting older, she's becoming a teenager and she's spreading her wings and before we know it, she will be out of the house, living her own life.


I'm dealing with it better than my husband is. He is struggling, he is holding on to every little glimpse of the baby girl he adores.


I can see it in his eyes when he looks at her, I can hear it in his voice when he says he loves her, I can see it in the way he hugs her and tells her she will always be his little Jasmine.


Time doesn't stand still!


It does not stop for you.....


It does not allow you to freeze it and enjoy those moments with your children.....


It just does what it's going to do, it flies as fast as it can and leaves you breathless.....


I just pray that the Lord gives us both the strength and the wisdom to be there for her through every single day of her life, no matter what may come her way.


Be still my heart, I've fallen in love all over again!


  1. She really is growing up - what a beautiful young lady!

  2. I agree completely with what Mari wrote!

  3. I can notice she has changed from the photos I remember of her. She looks like you more too.

  4. You and your husband are wonderful parents. The love that your daughter receives from you both will be with her her whole life. As a child to be loved by your parents is a gift, not all have that.

    Your daughter is really a lovely sweetheart.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  5. Great pictures. Happy birthday Jasmine! xxx

  6. I adore this post! You so captured those feelings we all have when our kids on are the brink of a new phase. And pulling our heartstrings is the perfect description. Thank you for sharing not only your daughter but those raw emotions.

  7. Sweet post. They do grow and change so fast. Treasure the moments in your heart.
    Each stage with our children is just as precious as the last though. No worries. :)
    She'll always be as wonderful as she is now.
    What a gift it is to be parents!

  8. Gorgeous pictures Sandra! Time does seem to really fly by doesn't it? I couldn't understand that when people would tell me when my own were just those little babies I was cuddling and holding. I thought that time would be mine forever. And now, one is moved away, the second is graduating this year and the third only has two years to go before grad. Waaaah!

  9. She's a lovely, spunky, quirky, funny cutie and she will continue to amaze you as she grows odd as it sounds she will both grow away and grow closer to you. My 15 year old listens to bands which I have never heard of, but she knows my taste and will pick out the songs that she knows I will enjoy. That's part of the amazing business of this growing up thing; they love YOU too, no matter how old you get!!

  10. Oh I understand this feeling so well.

  11. A beautiful young lady. Suggesting tag team dobermans for dad's peace of mind in a few years.

    Hubs has gone through this same thing with our daughter. Its hard to watch sometimes. These little ladies have NO IDEAL how much of daddy's heart they hold.

    But it is great to see him spoil her when he can and watch that daddy daughter relationship grow. I only hope she finds a husband that is like her daddy so she can remain "the princess". LOL!


  13. I love her hairstyle! It looks so great on her - and she is looking so beautiful and grown up!!


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