Monday, July 18, 2011

Almost back to school time

School begins August 8th, so in less than a month.

On Friday afternoon I received the curriculum and materials for Nicholas who is going to be in 3rd Grade.

I don't know about other homeschooling mama's but I actually get really excited when I see all the stuff and I want to jump right in and start right away, matter of fact Nicholas wanted to go ahead and start already, but I told him no, we still have about 2 weeks of summer and we're going to finish enjoying it.

Tomorrow Jasmine's materials arrive, she's going to be in 7th grade.  Goodness how time flies, I feel like she just started Kindergarten the other day.

So along with the set curriculum, I'm also going to be doing a Bible Study with the kids and adding a few more materials here and there, and I thought I would share some links with you all in case you don't have them yet and could find them useful.  If you have any other websites that I don't mention in this post, please feel free to leave them in the comments, I would love to know what else you are using.


Nicholas:::::::::: 3rd Grade

Art 3
This course focuses on arts and crafts inspired by the four seasons. The student will examine and create artwork based on seasonal characteristics or common cultural trends. The student will be exposed to art history, art criticism, and art production activities with a multicultural focus.   Educational Technology and Online LearningSkills covered in this course include: keyboarding, creating and editing a word processing document, adding graphics to a document, using the Internet to research various curriculum areas, sending and receiving e-mail messages, using a database, creating a multimedia project, and creating, saving, and printing a document.  Language Arts 3AThe student will read daily, practicing comprehension and fluency skills as she reads. Skills and strategies for reading comprehension and vocabulary development are introduced in the context of brief reading selections presented in Scott Foresman’s Reading Street. The student then has the opportunity to practice these skills while reading longer selections in a variety of fiction and nonfiction genres.
Language Arts 3BThe student will learn to structure and write complete sentences and then create paragraphs and longer compositions. After learning the five stages of the writing process—prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing—the student will master this process through weekly writing assignments. The student will also write for different purposes and use a variety of writing forms, including letters, narrative and expository compositions, research reports, poems, and summaries.   Math 3AIn Math 3 A, the student will learn mathematical concepts that are organized according to the following categories: number and operations, algebra, geometry, and data analysis. Within each category, concepts are developed through the mathematical processes of problem-solving, reasoning, communication, connections, and representations.  Math 3BIn Math 3 B, the student will continue to expand upon his understanding of mathematical concepts, which are organized according to the following categories: number and operations, algebra, geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability. Within each category, concepts are developed through the mathematical processes of problem-solving, reasoning, communication, connections, and representations.  Physical Education 3 Each week the student will learn one or more new activities. In addition, the student will learn the importance of nutrition as it relates to health and physical fitness. The student will learn life skills throughout the curriculum.  Science 3AIn this course, the student will design an experiment to discover what plants need to survive, make a model of a cave, and delve into many more exciting experiments. The lessons in this course are designed to accommodate a variety of learning styles and to provide a variety of opportunities for the entire family to participate in the student’s education.   Science 3B Throughout this course the student will continue to perform hands-on activities to explore organisms, investigate changes, and examine the solar system.   In this course, the student will create a model to investigate how simple machines work, investigate why the moon's shape appears to change during the month, and delve into many more exciting experiments.   Skills for Success Skills for Success is a web-based learning program that provides skill building and practice to acquire their state’s learning standards.  Social Studies 3A  This Social Studies course focuses on the theme of community through the study of geography, history, government, and economics. The course text is Scott Foresman’s Communities. In this course, the student will explore a variety of communities, past and present, from around the world.  Social Studies 3BShort stories, biographies, poetry, case studies, songs, and other resources emphasize the role of the individual in the community, as well as the influence of geography on communities.   What I'm adding to the curriculum is the following:  -----  We'll be using Children's Bible Studies throughout the year, Old Testament and New Testament, each lesson includes a coloring picture, memory verse, true or false, fill in the blank, word search and crossword and much more.  -----  Whit's End which concentrates on character building stories.  Audio stories which I think the kids will really enjoy listening to.  -----   National Geographic Expeditions....geography lesson plans for K-12.  Really awesome tools to use with the kids and all lessons are printable.  -----  Homemaking, Crafts, studies on wildflowers, birds etc.  Plan on getting a few of these, they are pretty cheap.     -----   Now this is a great one, PBS American Experience Teacher Resources.  You can browse the history topics, for example Colonial and early American Life.    Are you homeschooling your children too?  Do you have any great websites to share with me and the rest of our homeschooling families?
Would love to hear what you are doing this year, whether using an online homeschool, or getting the curriculum yourself.

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