Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Ask and you shall receive.....

and many times it's not exactly what we ask for right?

So I waited for the rain and was thrilled to see the clouds coming in but it quickly turned into not only some rain but one of the biggest, scariest albeit spectacular Dust Storms we've seen, or I've seen since being here for 4 years.

Dust Storm Haboob hit us around 8pm last night and boy was it vengeful.


Here you can see the Dust Wall approaching, it's actually a very claustrophobic feeling when you look up and see a brown wall of dust about to engulf you.


Within about 2 minutes we are completely engulfed in a brown cloud, everything is brown, the winds are kicking really high and everything is being thrown around.


It's almost surreal when you're hit with one of these, no matter where you look, whichever direction everything is an amber color.


Needless to say, woke up to some destruction this morning, the umbrella from the patio table was actually pulled from the middle, bent sideways and hung open, soil bags were strewn across the grass, yard decorations broken or thrown from their places and everything covered in an inch thick deep dirt.  Gross.

After picking everything up and hosing it off, it was time to move inside, laundry was washed, dried, ironed and put away, lunch was tacos which are super easy to put together and a great twist on the usual taco shells by using refrigerated biscuits.


then beds made, floors swept and mopped, carpets vacuumed and a little afternoon break taken to enjoy some tea and some shortbread cookies.


Oh and a couple of these....been munching on them all day long.


Isn't it funny that I can't stand cherry flavored anything, but love fresh cherries???  Am I the only one that thinks that fresh cherries and cherry flavor are completely different????


I'm putting the finishing touches on our vacation next week and by that I mean, I'm pretty much planning every minute detail when it comes to places to eat, gas stations nearby, places to visit and how much they cost etc.

How do you plan your vacations or road trips?  Are you like my husband who is fine with just getting in the car and driving without one ounce of planning or like me who prefers having everything planned out???

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