Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello from beautiful Prescott

I'm sitting here surrounded by trees, in this cute little cottage and just breathing in the purest of airs and pine scents.

It's rejuvenating for the soul and it's just what we needed, a getaway where we are not in a rush to do anything, not surrounded by the busy and noisiness that make up our day to day.

But let me tell you, the getaway didn't start without hiccups, matter of fact, an hour away from our cottage our truck broke down, in the middle of nowhere.  Our fan belt stripped and frayed, getting caught up on the motor, so we were overheating and lost power steering.  It was SCARY.

I think the worst part for me is watching other cars drive by and not one single one stopped and asked if we were ok, if we needed help or needed for them to call someone.  NOTHING.  Unbelievable.

Using just the tools we had on hand hubby was able to remove the belt, remove the frayed parts and then reposition the belt again to just get us to the nearest town.  We turned the truck on and set off back down the highway but within 5 minutes the belt snapped completely off and we were once again left overheating and without power steering, managed to maneuver the truck to the nearest place which thankfully had an auto parts store right off the highway.  Bought a new belt, hubby put that in place and we were finally on our way to vacation.

Not exactly how you want to start off but we had the Lord on our side and he saw us through, it was scary though and having the two kids and the two pugs with us just made it worse, especially when the pugs started finding it hard to breathe, I was dumping water bottles on them and praying for the best.  What a mess.

Anyway, enough of the bad things....we're having a wonderful time, we are relaxed, we are enjoying the fresh air and I've taken many many photos.  I will share them all with you when we get back home to high speed internet, this internet is much too slow and takes forever to upload anything. 

Just to show you where we spent the day....so much fun.

We head back home tomorrow and then on to Tombstone on Thursday :)

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