Thursday, June 22, 2017

{ If only Bella would let me sleep }

Ok, it's been 5 days since I've had proper sleep, I feel a little zombified at this point.  You know when you haven't slept well for a while, and you get to that cranky, yawning every five minutes, nobody must look at you, stage????

I'm there folks.  I actually got irritated with myself earlier because I'm so cranky and irritable that my own voice was getting on my nerves.  Haha

I've mentioned it before, Bella is very old and for the most part she is doing well, but she goes through these phases every month or two, where for 3 or 4 nights she is restless, walks around, whines and cries and keeps us up all night.  This just so happened to the be that week, so I'm struggling to make it during the day, and on top of that I have Jasmine's cosplay weapon to finish for Saturday, was dealing with the sinus and allergy thing, and my usual responsibilities around here.   So yes, just a bit of crazy hectic week for me.


Curt came home from work the other day with more fresh farm eggs for me.  How beautiful are they?  And yes I said beautiful, I always find them to be the most prettiest of brightest yellows. 


I also received my Blog Book for 2007 and again I'm so impressed and happy with the results.  It makes me so happy to see the actual book in my hands.


I've only quickly paged through it.  I was going to read the books, but then I decided that I want to wait until I have all my books, and I can sit down and just start reading from the very beginning.


I worked on my menu plan today.  I am trying to keep to the budget which has been hard to do lately, everything is getting more and more expensive.

My last grocery trip two weeks ago was $320.  I about died right there on the spot, I have NEVER, like NEVER spent that much on groceries for 2 weeks.  Everyone keeps saying to me, that's nothing, my actually still cheap for groceries, and I guess I need to take a second look at my budget and up the food total, but golly, I wasn't expecting that.


I'm not going to go crazy and throw caution to the wind and all that.  I still plan on trying to stay under $300.  Let's see how I do this time around.  I plan on doing a Grocery Haul for you all.  Not sure if I'll do video or just photos, but there will be one tomorrow for sure.


Jasmine's weapon is coming along.  It's giving me headaches, making me question my sanity at times, and wanting to just say forget it.  But I like a challenge and this is definitely in that category. 

I took that photo yesterday, it looks different already today as I've started adding the final pieces and details, but I'll wait until it's complete to show you.


As I was saying though, it has given me a bit of a run for my money and at times I have to stop, step back and go do something else for a bit. 

I've finished Part 4 of the Atlanticus, and I'm really hoping I can finish Part 5 this weekend (need to pick up more yarn though).

So yeah, that's what's been going on around here.  It's almost 9pm and I'm going to go ahead and brush my teeth, take my meds and try really hard to get some good sleep.  :)

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  1. Hello dear! So sorry about Bella. sylvia drives me crazy when her tummy is bothersome. I have trouble sleeping at night anyway. when she does not feel good she wakes me up way to early and then is restless and out of sorts all day. Makes me a cranky pants! Huggles.


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