Tuesday, June 20, 2017

{ Tackle it Tuesday - Bringing it Back }

Good morning everyone, hope you are having a good start to your day.

It's a beautiful Tuesday morning here in North Texas, and I'm just getting ready to tackle a project.  While I was gathering all my supplies I suddenly remembered the Tackle it Tuesdays I used to do back in 2006.  I don't think I ever did one in 2007, I may but I really don't remember.  Anyway, I have a ton of projects and things I want to get done around my house.

Reorganizing, painting, DIY, Yard, gardening and so on and so forth.

Time for it, is here.  Motivation, not always.

So I thought it would be a great idea to keep me in check, keep me motivated and make me accountable, if I had to do it to post it on the blog.  It's how I got a lot of projects done back in 2006.

You can go back and check those out if you wish, just click here on my Tackle it Tuesday label.

If it's something you think you would enjoy, then I highly encourage you to join me every Tuesday and work on a project you need doing whether around your house or work, it doesn't matter.

Here's what I'm tackling today.  Jasmine's cosplay.

I've gone back and forth on this gun for a few days and it's stressing me out, I don't know what the heck I'm doing.  So I'm going to try one last thing and hopefully get it done.  I'm basically going to adapt an old Nerf gun that is no longer used, and turn it into a prop gun.  *fingers crossed*

Here's what I'm facing....




I don't have finished pictures yet, obviously I'm working on it today, but I'll come back tonight and post the progress I've made.

As I said, I'm hoping to bring this feature back for as long as I have projects going and sharing it with you.  I hope I inspire you all to look at your own pile of To Do's and get cracking with them, it really does help when you know you need to post pictures and share with others. :)


  1. Posting my projects has helped me be accountable. Looking forward to yours.

  2. Oh I love this category, I hope you were able to tackle this project without any issues.....I look forward to seeing the completed piece.....­čśÇ


  3. I tackled the weeds in my garden, and tackled harvesting and putting up for winter. I think I do the "tackle" thing daily. I did however take time on the porch to relax.

  4. Blogging really helps me with creativity. I want to have something nice to post on my blog, and that motivates me to use time wisely and actually finish a project.

  5. Tackle it Tuesday sounds just like a nice weekly reminder for me :) I sew everyday and still don't get through my list of everything to do (sewing/hand embroidery/machine embroidery) so a post like this on a Tuesday would be reminder for me to get my stuff ready for Friday (that's the only day when we have nothing else on).


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