Sunday, June 25, 2017

{ Fairy Gardens }

Fairy Garden

We've been busy working on the yards, not just because they are huge and need a lot of mowing and attention, but also because we are having a barbecue on the Fourth of July and really want to get things ready for that.

Pops of red, white and blue are starting to show up, we put up the flag, a few other smaller flags, got some more mowing done today and I started my Fairy Garden.

A few years ago, the kids made their own fairy gardens in one of our previous homes on base.  Since then I've wanted to have one myself, but the opportunity never really presented itself.

Couple months ago I purchased a few little things to start and then set them aside, and honestly forgot about them for a while.  Life got busy as always and things get forgotten, you know how that goes.

Fairy Garden

There's something so magical about a Fairy Garden, isn't there?  Do you have one in your garden too?

Fairy Garden

I am so in love with it already, it has the bare minimum right now, but I'm going to add to it as time goes.  Just a piece here and there, and then grow it, adding other houses, trees, little fairies and so on.

I really can't wait to see it come together :)


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