Tuesday, June 27, 2017

{ Tackle it Tuesday - 06/27/2017 }

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday!!!

I spent yesterday working on today's tackle it project to share with you all.

We have a Entry Way closet that tends to get very messy and over crowded pretty quick.  I have to get in there and give it a very good clean every month.  This time it had been about two months since I'd been in there and it was desperately needing attention.

I hadn't had a chance to get to it yet, keep saying I need to do it and then putting it off, so yesterday was THE day.

I started by pulling everything out of the closet, vacuuming and giving it a good cleaning inside.

I then went through everything and got rid of what was trash, what was to be donated and what needed to go back in the closet.

It took me a few hours, but I did get it all done.  I really should have taken a photo of the before, but I completely forgot to.

Here are the after photos, and I feel so much better when a corner of my home is neat and tidy.

And there you have it, the closet it tidy, organized and clean.  It took me a while but the rewards are completely worth the time.

Tomorrow I'm tackling our big hallway closet and will take before and after pics for next week's Tackle it Tuesday.  Did you tackle any projects today?


  1. I do most of my "tackling" projects in the spring and fall and most winter times. The garden is a busy place over summer. I spent most of yesterday in my kitchen.

  2. It looks really nice. I hope you were as successful today. I just added you to my blog list on my blog, Harvest Lane Cottage. Thank you for including me in yours!


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