Thursday, June 15, 2017

{ Only happens to me.... }

Oh you gotta come in and listen to this.  LOL

I swear, I have the weirdest things happen to me, or maybe not weird but funny.  Let me tell you about my adventure at the Lab this morning.

I told you yesterday that I had to go in for some blood work, and I had to fast, so I couldn't have my coffee this morning or any breakfast before I got that done.  I made a big cup of coffee and a sandwich because I'm not used to going without eating in the morning and it makes me feel nauseous.

Got to the hospital, went to the lab and checked in and the nurse asked me if I would be able to provide a urine sample. I thought "Oh crap, I JUST went to the bathroom before leaving the house.".

In my defense I was never told about a urine sample, only about the blood work, but apparently this is routine now?  So anyway, I tell her that I can try and she says they don't need a lot and blah blah blah.

I take the cup into the bathroom, and if you've ever had to give one of these samples you KNOW all the steps, with the little towels and not touching the inside of the cup, and so on.

I don't want to go total TMI (too much information) here, but I do have to tell you the story, so bear with me.  Hahaha

Sitting there I have the list of do's and dont's, on the wall, right in front of me.

Use the towel and whatever....dispose of it in the trash can provided.  (trash can is clear on the other side of the bathroom wall so I can't reach it)
Then I try to go and I can't.  If you know me, and actually it's like a running joke in our family because everyone knows that I constantly have to go, like all the time LOL

I tried running water, I tried not thinking about it.  Nope, not happening.

Then I'm thinking about the cup and wondering what do I do.  I can't put it in the little round metal door thing cause I didn't do anything.  Do I just walk out with the cup and it's one drop, cause that's really all I could muster up?

I sat there for about 10 minutes not knowing what to do, then finally walked out and told the nurse that I couldn't do it, sorry, I'll just sit in the waiting room with my little cup until I need to go.  Problem is, I haven't had anything to drink for 12 hours, I didn't even drink water so I knew I wouldn't need to go.

Meantime they went ahead and took my blood, all 5 vials of it.

I kept thinking that I had my big cup of coffee in the car and maybe I need to go chug that down.  So I told her I'm leaving, handed her the cup and told her I would be back.  My idea was to go to the car, eat my sandwich, chug down the big travel mug of coffee and get something happening.

I ate, I drank the whole mug and nothing.  After 20 minutes I thought "well this is ridiculous, I'm going home and when I need to go, I'll just quickly drive back and pee in the cup."  LOL

We only live 10 minutes from the hospital so it was totally doable.  I drove all the way home, and the minute I pulled into the driveway, I had to go.  Hahahahahaha

Drive all the way back to the hospital and finally give them the sample they needed.  I mean.....what on earth????

Anyway, I just thought that was a funny story, hope I didn't scare anyone with the urine conversation, but we're all friends here and we all know how that goes.

June 15, 2017

I'll get the results back next week, so we'll see what they have to say.  Of course I'll let you all know.

June 15, 2017

Had two packages arrive this afternoon.  The first was Jasmine's heat gun that she bought from Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It's going to be a huge help in creating her foam gun for the cosplay.

The second package was another book for review.

I have so many on the pile to read right now, and I'm pretty excited about all the different titles.  My summer reading list just keeps growing.  Between last night and this afternoon, I was asked to review 2 more books. 

I didn't get too much else done today.  The usual dishes, making dinner, which was Chicken Wellington tonight, and putting some more laundry away.

I have got to get on the ball with that.  I am good with washing and folding but the putting away is what gets me, it's my least favorite house chore if I'm to be honest.

I'm feeling much better today, though this afternoon while making dinner I felt a little lightheaded and off again, but I have to remind myself that I just started the medication yesterday and that there is fluid in both ears, and that takes time.  Here we go again with my unwillingness to let God control every aspect of my life.

Time to dig back into You're Late Again Lord.  This book is a total lifesaver, though I tend to forget all it's crucial lessons once I'm done reading.  I don't know if I'll ever quite learn how to be content in my faith and open minded to the waiting period.

Waiting is inevitable for us all.  We can either spend the time with complaints and arguments and disgust or use the time for worship and growth and understanding.

Such a simple concept isn't it?  Then why do I struggle with it so much?  And will I ever learn?

I'm always wanting things done NOW, finished NOW, solved NOW, fixed NOW.  It's almost like when I tell my kids that they don't appreciate their stuff because they didn't have to work for it.  Then here I am, just expecting too without wanting to put in the work.

Tsk, tsk, tsk Sandra!!!

Oh I also got in out graduation pics that were taken by the photographer, so let me share those with you.  I was SO sick on this day, fever, sore throat, cough.  It was hard to make the 4 hour drive to the graduation location and smile through it and all, but I had to do it for my girl.  Hope you enjoy the pictures, and don't be shocked at my Nick's height, the boy is 14 and taller than us all, including dad. 

 Jasmine with her principal.  This moment choked me up, so proud of her.

I wanted to cry so badly, but I kept it together.  That rose was the rose that she gave me during the ceremony, all the graduates handed their moms a rose :)

He is so proud of her.  He's also been struggling so much with her growing up and knowing that he is no longer the only man in her life.  On the other hand, she's an adult now, wanting to spread her wings and be independent, so there's a lot of clashing but there's also a huge amount of love between them.

Here's the elusive Nicholas.  He is the typical 14 year old who hates taking his picture and does NOT believe in smiling at all.  I do have a beautiful family, if I say so myself, and I count my blessings every day :)

It's so crazy to see us at this point in our lives and to think in just 4 years we'll be doing this again with Nick.  My word.

Well, I think it's time for me to get on out of here, it's kind of hard to type with a 70 pound puppy in my lap.  When your legs start going numb, you know it's time to move. ;)


  1. Love the pics! Hooray for Jasmine. :)
    Yes - your urine story made me laugh!

  2. Sandra, I have stopped getting regular blog posts in my email! How do I fix this?

  3. That was the best story lol! You do have a beautiful family!

  4. Hahahaha! I love the story about the urine. I'm not a pee on command person, at all. When I was pregnant with all 4 of my kiddos, I learned to take cups home and schedule my appointments early so that I could pee when I first got up and then get ready to go and take it in with me. Not that you could have done that in this situation, but you know. lol

  5. I can relate to urine sample story! Lol! Awesome pics!


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