Friday, April 19, 2019

{ Grocery Haul - April 19th to May 3rd }

Hi everyone, I am just finished putting all my groceries away, and taking pictures to share with you all.

I've been asked a couple times to go back to doing grocery hauls, the thing is, I don't want to film on Youtube, and I know that grocery hauls are some of the most popular videos there, but I've tried the Youtube thing and it's really not for me.  I will however do grocery hauls on Instagram, and I did my first one today, so if you want to see that video, just head on over and check out my stories.

Most of you already know that I shop for two weeks at a time, but I've had some new faces pop up recently so for those that don't know, we are a retired military family and I'm blessed to be able to still shop at our local base commissary.

I shop for two weeks at time and menu plan which really helps keep the cost of food down, although, I'm noticing that I've had to up my food budget slightly, but I'm still managing to keep it between $250 and $300 for a family of 4.  That budget is not just food, it includes all the toiletries, cleaning supplies and pet food and treats, so not bad at all.


Keeping in mind that Easter is on Sunday, I did buy a few extras that I wouldn't usually buy.  Right, let's get going because this is a bit of a long post, as the grocery hauls usually are.  I'm going to give you the prices as well this time, so you get an idea of what I pay at the commissary.

Fridge and Freezer - Sweet Cream Coffee Creamer ($2.38), Sour Cream ($1.42), Ricotta Cheese ($1.56), 2 small plain Greek Yogurts ($1.58 for both), 2 whole chickens ($5.21 and $5.33), 1 pound Chicken Tenderloins ($4.05).


Cream Cheese ($1.29), Hashbrowns ($1.35), Frozen Spinach ($1.29 each), Breaded Okra ($2.58)


Pillsbury Easter cookies ($2.04), Pie Crusts ($1.75), Eggo Homestyle Waffles ($2.25), Chicken Breast Tenders ($2.99) and Refrigerated Biscuits ($2.19)


1 gallon of milk ($3.14), onion bagels ($1.10) and two frozen Tombstone Pizzas ($2.75 each)


Sliced Pepper Jack ($1.89), Muenster ($1.89) and Provolone cheese ($1.89), Black Forest Ham ($1.50), Hotdogs ($0.79) and Shredded Colby Jack Cheese ($1.57).


Potatoes ($1.98), bag of onions ($1.68), lettuce ($1.29)


Bag of Gala Apples ($1.99), Broccoli ($1.55), Grapes ($4.71), tomatoes on the vine ($3.11)


Two dozen eggs ($1.84 for both)


Butter popcorn ($2.00), Kettle corn ($1.11),  Quick oats ($0.91), dog bones ($2.64, $3.18, $1.64), brown rice ($0.55), penne pasta ($0.69), twirls pasta ($0.69), 2 bags of spaghetti ($1.70 for both)


raisins ($1.68), fruit cups ($2.08), diced green chilies ($0.79), vienna sausages ($2.79), peanut butter ($1.77), 4 tuna ($0.65 each), non stick spray ($1.89), vegetable oil ($1.94), olive oil ($3.68), mango chutney ($4.79), buttermilk ranch ($1.47), soy sauce ($1.49), chocolate syrup ($1.64), strawberry syrup ($1.64),  2 parmalat whole milk ($2.82 for both), 2 Honest organic juice pouches ($1.50 each), sugar ($2.19), bread flour ($2.84), 2 boxes of crackers ($1.57 each), sweet and low ($1.89)


2 boxes of mac and cheese ($1.60), berries cereal ($1.99), Sunny D orange juice ($1.49), Dr pepper ($1.59), diet coke ($1.59), cherry coke ($1.59), 2 sausage gravy ($0.75 each), yeast ($1.19), chia seeds ($0.75), bread rolls ($2.690, sweet tart gummies ($1.25), elfin mix ($1.25), 2 beef jerky ($3.57 each), gummy carrots ($2.00), aluminum foil ($0.94), chopped onions ($1.20), oreo ($2.50), chocolate eggs ($2.87), napkins ($1.49)



2 sweet peas ($0.60 each), corn ($0.60), coconut milk ($0.69), diced tomatoes ($0.99),  2 media crema ($0.74 each), 2 super size sandwich bags ($1.96)


And finally all the bad stuff....ruffles, tortilla chips, jalapeno kettle cooked, funyuns, 2 lay's stax, 2 munchos, gardetto's mix and 3 of the shrimp chips


This grocery list was slightly different than usual, only because it contains some things that are specifically for Easter on Sunday, and I also didn't buy a lot of meats.  My two week meal plan has a lot of simple quick meals, as well as a few meatless meals as well.

We are trying to see if we like it this way so that I can try and maybe cut back a bit on the amount of meats we eat, it will also help with the cost of the food budget as well.

I'll leave you with the Menu Plan for the following weeks:

Saturday - Biscuits and Gravy, Hashbrown Casserole
Sunday - Easter Lunch (Pickled Fish, Roast chicken, Potato Casserole, Creamed Spinach, stuffed eggs, hot cross buns, mini cheesecakes and upside down apple pie)
Monday - One Pot Baked Ziti w/ Ricotta, Salad
Tuesday - Chili Dogs
Wednesday - Panda Express Chow Mein Noodles
Thursday - Jasmine's Birthday (Instant Pot Chicken Tikka Masala, Garlic Naan and Rice)
Friday - One Skillet Mexican Rice Casserole, Broccoli
Saturday - Dinner out with mother in law
Sunday - Leftovers, Sandwiches
Monday - Pork Sloppy Joes, Pasta Salad
Tuesday - Chicken Tettrazini
Wednesday - Burgers, Fries
Thursday - Homemade Pizza

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