Saturday, April 27, 2019

{ Period Drama - Morocco: Love in Times of War }

Morocco:  Love in Times of War (Netflix)

It's the 1920s and the North African territory of Rif is resisting being ruled by Morocco, leading to the War of Rif. During the conflict, Queen Victoria Eugenia sends a group of nurse trainees from Madrid's upper class to open a hospital in the city of Melilla to help Spanish soldiers who have been injured in battle. Along the way, the women find friendship and romance while saving the lives of the soldiers on the front lines.

Hey friends, it's been a while since I've shared a period drama with you all, and this is one that I think many of you may enjoy.

It is on Netflix, and just one Season with no news yet of when Season 2 will air, or if it has even been renewed, but it seems a high possibility that it will happen.

I haven't yet watched the final episode of Season 1, though I've been binging it since I found it on Friday.  I've heard that there are some crazy cliffhangers, and I guess that could have deterred me from watching knowing that there's no word yet of a second season, but please, don't let that stop you from watching the show, it is brilliant.

The show follows a group of Spanish nurses who have been sent by the Queen Victoria of Spain, to help in the war.  It reminded me of The Crimson Field so if you enjoyed that one, you'll definitely enjoy this one.

I had never heard of the Rif war between Spain and Morocco and since I love History, this was a treat for sure.  The show itself is visually stunning and transports you between ocean views to desert landscape and mountains of Morocco.

Then there's the romance, as there always is in Period Dramas.  I am loving Julian and Fidel together, even though, they're not together.  They clearly have fallen in love but both are engaged to different people, so you feel that tension and that push and pull.  There are plenty of other romances going on in the hospital, as there always are with beautiful nurses and injured soldiers, isn't it?

If you're still not convinced, watch the trailer above.

One quick note, it is Spanish, but you can watch dubbed in English or subtitled in English.  I prefer to watch it dubbed though at times dubbing does mean emotions fall a bit short in the translation, and the voices often sound a bit strange, at least to me.

If that bothers you, you can watch the original in Spanish with the English subtitles, though I don't like doing that myself because I find myself so distracted by the reading that I'm not watching the show itself.

Whatever way you decide to watch it in, it's well worth the time.  I am truly hoping for a second season.

Lastly, there are a few more Spanish Period pieces on Netflix which you may enjoy:

Grand Hotel
Cable Girls
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I'm sure you will find one from the list, to enjoy :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this. Looks like one I would like!

    1. You are very welcome, I think you'll enjoy it :)

  2. I watched this last year and absolutely LOVED it! I will probably watch it again this summer. :-)


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