Saturday, April 13, 2019

Mammogram done and some crazy storms


It is that time of year, where you go to the doctor, have your mammogram done and then wait to hear the results.

If someone were to ask me what part of this is the worst, I would say, the waiting.  The exam in itself is not a biggie for me, I don't have an issue with it, basically walk in and get it done and walk out.

But then you wait to find out if everything is fine or if you get a call back, and now there is the hardest part.  I will say that this year, I am not in the least bit panicked, worried or even constantly thinking about it.  I have this immense peace over me, and I recognize it well, because it means I'm walking closer to the Lord.

My daughter was off on Friday and even though I told her she didn't have to, she insisted on going with me, for "emotional support" so she said.  I just love her heart, I think she has grown into a beautiful caring and loving woman and it makes me so proud.


We returned home and I quickly straightened up the house because my mother in law was coming in to spend the night with us and see Nick for his birthday.  She always makes the effort of coming over for the kid's birthdays, taking us to dinner, spending time with them one on one and so on.

She has a beautiful heart and is just the sweetest woman ever, I am quite blessed to have her as a mother in law.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Cracker Barrel, then came home, played some board games and chatted and laughed as we always do.  She left this morning and we miss her already.


While at Cracker Barrel, we picked up matching devotionals.  I find that the store at the restaurant has some of the most beautiful Christian items for sale and something always catches my eye.


The Pocket Bible Devotionals are not so pretty aren't they?  And look at the side of the pages, with all the florals?

They also had one for men, and Curt picked up one for himself and one for my father in law as well, so we all have matching devotionals :)


We woke up this morning to intense storms outside, which are still raging on as we speak.  We have threats of tornadoes, and river floodings and all sorts of a mess going on out there.

Even though it has dropped our temperatures dramatically, I must say that I'm quite enjoying the rain, as long as it doesn't cause a lot of damage.  But we've taken Jasmine in to work this morning and have basically been hiding out indoors, watching tv, messing around on the computer and not doing much of anything.

I am just going to blame the weather on this non productive day.  My extent of productivity was doing all the dishes, cleaning the kitchen and picking up a little here and there after my mother in law left.  That's it....the laundry pile is overflowing and will be dealt with tomorrow, along with any other house chores needing attention.



For now though, I'm going to enjoy the crazy storms outside, and the warm crackling fire inside.

I hope you're all having a blessed weekend and enjoying your time with the family.


  1. Hope you all weathered the storms okay. They hit Northeast Louisiana hard late yesterday. The biggest damage was done by lighting. I used the weather as an excuse to be super lazy as well. Something about rainy days that call for a good book or a movie and some serious crocheting.

    I just love the crocheted plant holder in that photo. I never thought about making one of those, it's so cozy though.

  2. Good to catch up with you! We have had some interesting and wild weather here. And the wind! Oh my someone turn it off already!

  3. Oh, we had horrible weather yesterday and all around us was damage but all the bad stuff went east of us. We basically just got torrential rains all day long. Glad you have your mammogram behind you and sure hope you get a stellar report. Have a wonderful Easter week!


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