Thursday, April 18, 2019

{ My Morning Routine }

Hi everyone!!!

I've been meaning to do this post for quite a while and just never got around to it, mainly because I needed to snap photos as I went and some days there are not enough hours to go around.  At least that's what it feels like for me.

Today is one of my typical days, so let me show you what I do. My weekday mornings begin at 6AM, I would say bright and early but truthfully it's usually still quite dark outside.


While hubby gets dressed for work, I head into the kitchen, turning on lamps as I go because, like I said, it is quite dark.  The first stop though is always out back to let Marley out to potty.

I get the water boiling, and then get hubby's travel mug and my coffee cup ready, pack his lunch and make sure he has everything set for the day.


The sun slowly starts to rise while all of this is going in the kitchen.


Marley knows the routine very well, he knows exactly when daddy is leaving, and he will come and stand at the big window and wait for me to open just one side of the curtains so that he can watch daddy's car driving away.

They have this thing where Curt will open his car window and yell out "Bye Marley, bye handsome, bye Marley".  Hahah

At this time, Marley will run back to the bedroom and onto the bed, and quickly falls back asleep.  It's quite sweet watching him go through his own routine every morning.

I take this opportunity to climb back into bed myself, turn on the TV, watch some Youtbe vlogs and enjoy my cup of coffee and reading my devotionals.

At about 7:30AM, I take Marley back out to potty


Uncover the birds and make sure they have fresh water and food


And open the curtains


Once all this is done, I then get dressed for the day.  If I'm staying home I'll throw on a simple dress or shorts and a tank because I'm basically going to be doing housework.


Jasmine is working today and she is opening, so we have to leave by 9am, which means getting actually dressed and ready pretty quick.


Put on my make up, fix my hair, brush my teeth and all that other stuff that needs doing.


Once I'm ready, I head back into the kitchen, but will usually stop in the dining room to open the other curtain for the day.


Next I pack Jasmine's lunch which is either leftovers from the night before, or a sandwich with some chips and fruit, crackers etc.

I also fix her some breakfast.  I don't have to do any of this, she is more than capable of doing it, but while she gets herself ready for work I go ahead and do this to make things easier and not so rushed before we head out the door.


While she eats her breakfast, I quickly get my purse and make sure I have my phone and truck keys, as well as anything else I may need.  By this time she is done, and while she brushes her teeth and puts on some makeup, I clear up her breakfast dishes, take them to the kitchen and clean up the dining room table....then we are out the door.


Baby girl is dropped off and I make the trip back home.


She works about 20 minutes from home but with the morning traffic, it's about 30 minutes.  On the way home I will pop on a sermon to listen to, or if there is none available then I will listen to the Christian radio station K-Love.


As always, Marley knows when I get home and he will be at the window jumping up and down, in excitement.


Once I've said hi to him, been kissed a hundred times and give him some big hugs, I move on to the plants.  I keep them on a little table near the back patio door, and every morning, I move them all out one by one.

I water them and leave them outside for a few hours and then bring them in when the sun starts getting too hot.


Today I don't need to pick Jasmine up from work, she leaves around the time Curt gets off work too, so he picks her up.  That means that I have the rest of the day to myself and don't have to worry about running back out for errands or appointments or anything.

On days like these, I change into more comfortable clothes, and today I threw on some pajama pants and a tshirt.  I have a bit of a headache going on and the ringing in my ear is also a little loud.  No, my retracted eardrum is not yet healed and though some days are pretty good, some are not so good and I'll get anything from headaches, louder ringing and even some vertigo.

There is also a lot of wind outside which seems to be affecting the pressure in my ear, and just making it all of these symptoms worse, so I'm doing the basic of necessities in the house today and then trying to get some rest.


When I don't have to drive Jasmine to work early morning, I make my bed immediately.  I find that I can't quite get my day going if my bed is not made.  But when I drive her in, I wait to make it until I return so that I'm not rushing in the morning.


Next thing I'll do is take out the meat for dinner that night, quickly empty the dishwasher and reload it and give the kitchen a tidy.

The rest of the house is in order and so all that I'm going to do is get this blog post up and I also want to post a recipe on the food blog.


Honestly, by the time all this is done, it is usually noon and I'll fix some lunch for myself and move on to my afternoon routine.  I may do an afternoon and evening routine post as well, but that will be next week.


I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my typical weekday morning routine.  It tends to be the same unless I'm grocery shopping, as is the case tomorrow, or I'm heading to a doctor appointment or an unexpected errand.

I used to let my days just flow however they wanted to, but I've found that once I got into an actual routine, everything runs a lot smoother and I even allow myself time to read, watch tv or crochet in the afternoons.

Routines don't have to be complicated or involve hundreds of little tasks all squeezed into a few hours.  Figure out what works for you, and what doesn't, and go from there, but most importantly keep in mind that although things may usually run a certain way, there will be days of unexpected changes and that is ok, don't panic, don't fret, just embrace that and keep pushing on.

Have a blessed Thursday :)

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