{ First foggy morning of the year.. }


Do you know the old folklore quote “For every foggy morning in August, it will snow that many days this winter.”?
Is it true, does it actually work, do you trust it?
I have heard of it but honestly, I've never really given it much thought.  But seeing the dense fog this morning, made me think of it, and then my friend Jo on Instagram mentioned it too.  Whether it actually works or not, we will have to wait and see, but I love snow, so I'm all for it.



Woke up this morning to some dense fog, cloudy skies, and 60 degrees.  It even smelled like Fall outside.  

I opened my windows, let the fresh air in and totally indulged in this beautiful cool morning.  It may be pretty early for Fall to roll around, but days like these always remind me of what we have in store.



Stepping outside, I noticed the dew drops on the grass and plants.  You could feel the humidity in the air, my hair certainly reacted, and if you're a woman, you know exactly what I mean about that.  

But just the one night of rain we got on Wednesday, and this drop in temperature, has helped our garden and vegetation, tremendously.  The plants are all standing up tall, they're greener, sturdier, happier.

The grass is no longer completely dry yellow blades, but turning greener.  It's been a tough two months, weather wise.


I shifted some things around, made the living area cozier, all in anticipation for cooler weather.  Again, I say, I know it's early, we're halfway through August, but can you tell how desperate I am for cooler days?

I can't wait to sit right there on that couch, with that big crochet blanket, candles lit around me, a cup of hot coffee and a period drama on the tv. 



After giving the house a quick run through, and having some toast for breakfast, I headed out to get my Walmart grocery pickup.

Funny story, they changed the pickup area from one side of the store to the other, and I had no clue.  They did this in the past two weeks, after my last pickup day.  So, I drove up, wondered why there were no numbers for the parking spots, and why the usual side door, was now closed and titled "Emergency Exit".

I may or may not have sat there for a minute wondering just what in the world?  Then drove around looking for the new pickup spot.  I found it, and had to chuckle as I saw other vehicles doing the same thing I did.  At least Walmart keeps us on our toes.





I returned home with the groceries, and then started the process of putting it all away.  I usually give my fridge a good clean on grocery day, so that I can pack everything into a clean and sparkly fridge.

There's such a wonderful sense of joy when you see a full fridge, especially when it's packed with fruits and veggies, milk and eggs.  I don't know why in my mind, that is what I picture as the ultimate food filled refrigerator.



Yesterday, I went through my cookbooks again.  Remember I mentioned the other day, that I had a pile or two of cookbooks to figure out where to put?

Well I found a spot for them on my bookshelf, and then while putting them away, spent some time going through a few.  I tend to forget what jewels I have hidden in there.  I am particularly drawn to old church cookbooks, as they (in my humble opinion), seem to contain the most delicious recipes.



One of the recipes I came across, was for a Slow Cooked Southern Macaroni and Cheese.  Being that mc and cheese is one of my kid's favorites, I decided to make it for lunch today.  The one thing that I wasn't expecting to put in it, was eggs.  
I have never used eggs in my macaroni and cheese, but the addition makes for a much creamier and thicker result.

One thing I didn't use was the Velveeta Cheese, because it's not something I keep on hand, and it's not something my family enjoys, aside from the fact that Jasmine can't have any kind of yellow cheese due to her lactose intolerance.  So I left it out, and even then, it is still delicious.  I will share the recipe tomorrow, on the food blog.


For dinner tonight we are doing Dominos pizza.  They are doing a special when ordering online, until Sunday, you get 50% off all pizzas.  We also have a free pizza available, so that will be yummy.

And that is basically it.  That was my Friday.  We are expecting rain starting tomorrow and lasting all week through until next weekend, so I'm quite looking forward to rainy days at home.

Have a wonderful Friday night, enjoy your weekend, and if I don't get around to posting, I will be here Monday morning for our Happy Homemaker Monday!


  1. We just had our first foggy morning this week. I love driving to work when there's a little fog lying low! That saying isn't true in Michigan - we get a lot more snowy days than foggy ones.

  2. You've inspired me to clean out my fridge. Lots of chores tomorrow as my home is looking messy after a very busy week that took me out of the house daily.


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