Wednesday, August 17, 2022

{ A quick trip to town and my Mythologie birthday candles, have arrived }



I guess I blinked and we're halfway through the week.  I woke up this morning, and had some errands to run that would take me to our little historic downtown.  It is littered with old antique stores, some really neat coffee shops and restaurants, museums and just a sense of small town living.

My idea was to go into one of the best antique stores in town, or rather one of my favorites, and look around for a bit.  I don't really buy anything every time I visit, but I enjoy I very much enjoy walking around and checking out all the new items that have come in.  

I don't usually go during the week because Curt enjoys going with me, so it's a weekend thing we do.  I guess I should have looked before I went, because it so happens that today it was closed.  Bummer!



I was back home around 10:15, so got right into my house chores.  I made the bed, vacuumed, dusted, did the dishes, pulled out meat for dinner, fed the animals, watered the veggie garden, started the pool pump, and checked the mail.


Waiting for me in the mail box, was the last two books from my birthday haul.   Longbourn that tells the story of one of the servant's from Pride and Prejudice, and Prarieblomman, the sequel to Butter in the Well, which I shared with you yesterday.


A few hours later, I had a delivery from UPS.  It was my birthday candles that hubby ordered for me.  I was so eager for these to arrive, I can't even tell you how exciting it was to see the box outside my door.
I immediately opened it and dug right in.  
I have seen these in a few youtube videos, mainly book vlogs, and they just looked so pretty.  Everyone raved about them, and what caught my eye, aside from how pretty they are, being hand made and pet friendly, and made with coconut wax, was the fact that they are fantasy inspired.
When I started seeing candles with the name Camelot, Secret Garden, The Tudor House, Stonehenge, Shakespeare Stage, The Queen's Court and so on and so on.....well you kinda get the idea.  That is me in a nutshell and everything that I love.
They ARE a bit pricey and that is one of the reasons I never took the plunge to order for myself, but when my birthday rolled around, hubby was a bit stumped on what to get me, and surprised me with these.  I was shocked and ecstatic and could not wait to receive them.
He had heard me mention the Camelot Collection, so he got me those, but he wanted to get something else too, and he picked the Emerald Isle candle.
I didn't even know that was one of the candles in the store, there are so many to pick from, and they constantly add new ones.   He just picked something that he thought I would like, based on my kind of candle scents and what I usually go for.
So, Emerald Isle.....first can we just admire how pretty it is? 

It smells amazing.  I keep saying this about these candles, but oh my gosh.  You know when you pick a scent and then sometimes you smell the actual candle and it's not quite what you wanted or thought?  I was a bit worried that I wouldn't like them, but they just exceeded my expectations.  

This Emerald Isle candle, I can't even describe the scent.  It's exactly what is described but to a whole new other level.  I can't put it into words.  I wish you could all smell it.

Mood: Atop the jagged cliff, a Celtic cross of stone stands before an ancient tomb. Seaspray and soft rain erode the rock, the secrets of its legends lost to time.   
Smells Like: Notes of seafoam resting on salt-crusted driftwood, fresh ocean air, and sweet green tree sap.
Just wow!
Also, the packaging, the candle containers, the labels, the wooden lids with the carvings.  Everything is just done so beautifully.


Now for the main collection, the one I had in my sights for so long.  I mean, Camelot, King Arthur, Lady of the Lake?  I knew that the day I finally got Mythologie Candles, these would have to be my first.
And they did not disappoint.  The box itself was gorgeous, with quotes appropriate to the collection theme.
'for it is better that we slay a coward, than through a coward all we to be slain. ' - Sir Thomas Malory


Each of these smell out of this world good.  None of the scents are overpowering, they are so smooth and just perfect.  If I have to think of a word to describe these Mythologie Candles, it is PERFECT!!!
Curt loved the candles too and all the scents.  He now knows that these have become my favorite, and I hope to be able to collect them all.  It will take a long time, because as I mentioned above, they're a bit pricey, but I think they will make the best gifts.  At least my family knows where to go for my birthdays and Christmas.  

Just look at the detail on these wood carved lids.  How stunning is that?  Just minute details so perfectly carved.  All the candles are hand poured.  Also, the founder of the Mythologie Candles is Leah McHenry, a recording artist who some call Metal Enya.
Celtic Metal.  I have never heard of this genre, I do love Celtic music, but metal is definitely not a musical genre I enjoy.  
But, nonetheless, the vision for these candles actually began when Leah was creating some candles for the release of her new album.  I for one am glad she took that jump and started creating even more fantasy inspired candle collections.  


I'm so happy with my birthday gift and these gorgeous candles, that I just had to share with you all tonight.  If you want to learn more about these, or see all the beautiful candles they have available, be sure to check out their website.  I'm sure you'll find a candle you will fall in love with.



The Camelot Candle is currently burning in Curt's office, and oh my word, does it smell good.  One of the ingredients is Tonka Bean which I had never heard of, but the scent is described as having notes of cinnamon spice, almond, cherry and sweet hay.

Look I have no clue, but it smells so good.  SO GOOD!!!

Ok, I think I've babbled enough about these candles.  Just go and look for yourself, I won't bore you any longer.

It is after 8pm, my laptop battery is about to die, and I am ready to take some pain pills (that time of the month), and get some rest.

Have a blessed, restful night friends, and I'll see you all back here tomorrow with a recipe, for our Cooking Thursday.

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  1. Hi Sandra. What a wonderful gift to receive. Happy belated birthday!


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