Thursday, July 22, 2010

{ Sourdough Starter Day 2 }

Sourdough Starter Day 2

Here we are, Day 2 of this Sourdough Starter experiment.

Are you making it too? How is yours doing?

So remember yesterday within an hour it had bubbled up a LOT, so I moved it to the counter thinking that maybe it was too hot on the window sill and I didn't want to kill the yeast.

This morning I went to check on it and it smells really sour already but it didn't look bubbly and hadn't overflowed or doubled, it seemed kinda flat and had a liquid on top.

After searching around the net, I came to find out that liquid is called Hooch and it's actually good and means it's working, it says you can pour it out or stir it back into the mixture, which is what I did......but for some reason mine was just not looking right.

Now I don't know if it's fine and I'm just overreacting because I tend to kill plants and I'm thinking that maybe I'm going to kill my sourdough starter too, or if maybe from moving it from the window to the counter killed it or if I stirred it too much or whatever.

But I didn't want to throw it all out and start again, so I went ahead and fed it. I added another cup of flour and another cup of water, stirred it good and now it's bubbly again.

Sourdough Starter Day 1

I really didn't want to go the 8 day route, feeding it every single day and all that, but it looks like that's what I'll be doing with that batch.

In the meantime though, I started another batch from the same recipe I gave you yesterday and I'm not moving it or touching it yet, I'll leave it overnight and then stir it tomorrow morning and again a few times during the day and let it ferment for the 2-3 days as the West Ladies suggest.

So the one right above is the new one, we'll see how that one goes.

Sourdough Starter

I tell you what though, the first one already smells really sour and just like it's supposed to, so I'm hoping and praying that it's still active and will still work out. Fingers crossed.

Let me know how yours is doing and share pictures too if you can, I want to see it :)

Sourdough Starter - Day 1

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