Thursday, July 31, 2014

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{ Exploring }


One of our favorite things to do as a family, is to get in the car and drive somewhere to go exploring.  We will often hike to the top of a small mountain, or just go walking around enjoying the fresh air and learning as we go.

This afternoon, we picked up our niece and nephew and took a drive about 5 minutes from home.

Drove around a little bit and then parked the car and took a walk towards one of the old volcanoes in the area.


My husband is currently taking a Geology class and so this was the perfect spot for him to take a look at the volcanic rocks around, study some of the other rock structures and teach all the kids something. Hey, I'm all for a fun afternoon that is also educational.


And I must tell you, I had a good giggle, as I quickly realized that I am so used to lugging around my purse, that I took it up there with me on the little hike. I mean, really? Hahahaha I must be the only hiker who takes a purse on such explorations...and the hubby and kids sure had a good laugh at my expense.


This place also brought back quite a few memories for us. We first visited it back in 2006, my kids were so little and I took quite a few pictures of their cute selves walking around out there, holding hands and helping each other out. You can go read those posts if you wish, it's fun to go back and see how much they've changed.


He was completely in his element. It's fun seeing the joy and excitement in his face when he is explaining where these rocks came from, why they're there, how they came to be.

We walked on for a little bit, before all the kids started complaining of one thing or another. One was feeling sick, the other's legs hurt, the other one was thirsty and one was going to throw up. Yes, the old people were the ones doing ok, cause the young ones couldn't cut it. Hahaha


So, we did the sensible thing, headed back on down and headed home.


These two are so cute together, I love seeing them holding hands and just walking along, talking and laughing.


But not before I snapped a few more pics, like this one of this dirt devil.  The kids thought it was funny, it kicked up a bunch of tumbleweeds further on down.


Lots of interesting rocks to look at.


It was a fun, interesting, educational afternoon.  I do enjoy days like this, because whatever they learned up on that little volcano, they will remember and when school starts again and they are faced with questions about the different types of rocks, sedimentary and metamorphic and so on, they may just remember some of the things they saw.


Tomorrow is a busy one for us.  I have to get up early, finish my menu planning and grocery list, and then head to the store.  My hubby has work and school, and we also want to get some work done on the yards.

I'm hoping to get a few moments to watch some documentaries on YouTube.  I finished the Coal House, and started Coal House at War which I'm enjoying.  On my Watch Later list though, I have so many interesting documentaries that I can not wait to watch, like Turn Back Time:  The Family, Inside the body of Henry the VIII (you know me and my fascination for Henry VIII), The True History of English Food and Secrets of the Manor House.    Ooohhh so much goodness, I am having a hard time deciding which I'll watch first.

Right, now I'm going to head on to bed, it is very late, already 11:15pm and we are just getting back from Tae Kwon Do and some visiting with the family.  I'm tired and ready to climb under the warm covers.

Have a blessed restful night, and I'll see you all back here in the morning.


  1. Interesting country. It's neat that you live so close to the area. I had a good chuckle thinking about you taking your purse on the hike! That is something I would do. But, I'm sure you were prepared for anything, if your purse is like mine. The Manor House video sounds fascinating, I'm going to bookmark it.

  2. Reminds me of our time in Iceland.

    Hubs took a forestry class and enjoyed it like C is enjoying geology. Boys just like to play outside in the dirt and climb trees. Even when they are big. Lol.


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