Saturday, July 19, 2014

{ Saturday Outing }

I don't know about you all, but as much as I enjoy going out with the family and having fun, there is nothing like the minute I return home, kick off my shoes and sit on my couch.

It feels so very good, especially when it's hot outside.

Last night we had the family over for dinner, and then my niece and nephew slept over.

It's always fun when that happens, all the kids have fun and we tend to do things that we wouldn't usually take a walk to McDonald's at 11:30pm.  Crazy!!!

As usual though, the kids try to make an all nighter of their sleep overs, but it never really lasts as by 3am they're all fast asleep...well except for my Jasmine, who has her father's sleep patterns and can stay up all night, which she did.

This morning though, she jumped right into the kitchen and decided to make breakfast for everyone.  Scrambled eggs, toast, pancakes and bacon.  It makes this mama's heart proud to see her enjoying cooking as much as I do.


She did so well, and breakfast was enjoyed by all.

Some housework was done, and then around lunch time, we all headed to the county fair. I had heard that it was a big one, that it was one of the best in the area etc. Truth be told, it wasn't anything like we expected.


But we all still ended up having fun, you know it's always a good time when you can go somewhere with the family, walk around, laugh, talk and just kick back for a couple of hours.


I always have so much fun watching the kids on the rides. It truly takes me back to when I was their age, and the thrill of going on these fast rides was all I looked forward to.


Nowadays, I'm much happier with my feet firmly planted on the ground.


The boys wanted to try rock climbing, and did quite well, but they both quickly realized that it is not as easy as it looks.


And then of course they quickly moved on to the next thing....some boxing with these huge gloves. It was hilarious watching them try to punch each other out while on a bouncy castle. HA!!



Ooopssss!!!! Needless to say, Nicholas was done after this shot. LOL


It was quite hot too and I think the boys were feeling really hot in those gloves and helmets.

We didn't stay for very long, there wasn't much to see, and we didn't want to wait until 8pm for the rodeo to start, so we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Nothing like walking in the door to an air conditioned house, is there?

Tonight I'm going to find a nice movie to watch, work on my niece's crochet blanket and just take it easy. Tomorrow I plan on pulling my kitchen table apart so that I can finish painting it, and I'm also painting the chairs. Want to get it all finished by tomorrow night. Of course, there's laundry, and the daily housework, and I'm planning on some pool time.

Do hope you're all having a wonderful Saturday.


  1. We did have a good Saturday, we had a party for Son, who will soon be leaving again.

  2. Looks like so much fun! My two had friends sleeping over on Friday and we didn't get much sleep either! LOL


  3. Hi,
    Glad you guys had fun. I don't comment much, but enjoy your blogs very much. I saw this site and it reminded me of you! I know how much you enjoy crochet, so here goes:

    Hope you enjoy it. And by the way, I know that feeling of overwhelming on Facebook and Pinterest, but it s too time consuming. You did well in disconnecting for a while and dedicating yourself to what you really enjoy. I ve had that battle before wit myself too.
    We'll gotta go put the laundry on the clothesline.

    Munitions beijinhos para ti. Lucy

  4. Muitos beijinhos para ti e não munitions. Foi o dicionário automático. Desculpa. Beijinhos de Portugal.


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