Monday, August 25, 2014

First day of school!!!


You never quite know what to expect when school comes around.  Today, was no exception.

It didn't run very well, matter of fact, it started off in a really bad way for me and my Nicholas.

See, I have a very independent boy, a boy who is also extremely smart, but at that age where they like to push your buttons and can be quite cocky.

He has always hated school, doesn't enjoy it one single bit and usually we have our days where we butt heads during the school year.  Unfortunately, today was one of those.

It took me 2 hours to get him to start cooperating, all the while, he laughed, he joked, he didn't pay attention, he was a distraction to the other kids and was just downright frustrating.


It got so bad that I had to walk out back, and stay out there for about 30 minutes, as tears just fell down my face.

In that moment, I felt so helpless and treated so unfairly that all I could think was "this is ridiculous, I don't need to put up with this."

Ahhhh but this is the thing, I was wrong because when the going gets tough, the answer is not to turn away and run for the easiest path.  This is my son, this is the love of my life and I will do anything for him, beginning with finding out exactly what is making him act this way, and what is keeping him from doing his school, aside from not liking it in general.

We sat down in the bedroom for an hour, chatting, crying together and figuring out what the real issue was, and I did get down to the root of the problem.

He can't concentrate with other kids around, it is a huge distraction and he completely zones out of school.

It was like a light bulb moment for me.  All of a sudden the signs became clear and what I had suspected in the past was confirmed.

So, new plans have been made, we've come up with a different way of doing school with him, one that allows him to be on his own, quietly working through his lessons.  We tried it today, and it worked miracles.

I could say, if only I had figured this out years ago, but I would rather say, we figured it out now and can help him.  I am not a person for if's and why's and if onlys, I honestly find it such a waste of time to dwell on such things.

Anyway, we got off to a rough start but I do believe we will work through it and have a good year, yet.

Now to show you some photos I took of the kids, I love how they turned out because you can see their individual personalities shine through.


Miss Tiffany, she is excited that this is her last year of school so she's smiling through it all. 


Miss Jasmine. She is an excited 10th Grader, she loves learning but hates school. Go figure LOL


Mr Colby. These photos crack me up, he wanted to write on the board himself and added (Joy ) and a sad face. He said it is like a mug shot because that is how he feels about school. Hahahaha


Mr Nicholas. The naughty one, the one who pushes my buttons to the limit. I love his expression because I feel that it so perfectly depicts who he is. His personality really shines through in these photos.

I love these kids and I am so blessed to be able to watch them learn every single year, even in those not so smooth and happy moments of schooling, I still wouldn't have it any other way.

Tomorrow will be a better day, I'm sure of it :)


  1. Homeschooling rocks, even on the bad days. I hope they each have a wonderful school year. Loved the photos - great idea!

  2. Congrats on making it through the 1st day ... and on the break-thru with Nicholas!! Hopefully it just gets better from here on out now that you have that out of the way. :)
    Colby's pic DOES look very mug shot-ish!! Cracking me up!!

  3. I hope they have a wonderful year :))

  4. As you say, you have figured it out now. Onwards and upwards that is what is most important. I hope that it is a great school year - for everyone!! xx

  5. It's great that you took the time to chat with him and to see what's going on. I had similar issues when I went to school. It was so hard for me to concentrate in a class filled with other students. Hoping this will be a good year for him and for the rest of the kids. And you too!

  6. Your Nicholas sounds just like my Andrew! He has to do schoolwork alone. One day he may be in his room. The next he is in the schoolroom. I've even found him outside. But he got straight A's last term so I say go for it.

    Colby's picture cracked me up!! He looks thrilled. We start next week. Andrew is less than thrilled.

  7. Hi Sandra!

    Catching up on your posts. I love the show and tell Friday by the way! It made me cry as I was very close with my grandmother (my daughter is named for her) and I have some of her personal items that bring the same emotional attachment for you. Thanks for sharing!!

    I don't know how you do the home schooling thing! It's beyond my brain how much patience and work it involves. It sounds like you handled things beautifully with your son and here's wishing this is your best school year yet!

    God bless.

  8. Ahh... Always the way! It was that way with my son a lot too, so I feel your pain. We start on Monday & I'm excited! I hope it goes well!! :)

  9. I'm so glad you and Nicholas figured out what will work better for him. Every child is different and has different ways of learning, which I know that you know even better than I do.

    I hope it's smooth sailing with school from here on out. I'm sure it will have its ups and downs but it doesn't hurt to think positive right?

    I love the pictures! Colby's crack me up. What a fun mix of personalities you have there.

  10. Hi Sandra, I'm so glad you made a break through with Nicholas. Please don't take offense, but I was wondering if you reconsidered the public schools since you moved back to Idaho for perhaps some of the other children? I remember that your concerns and reasons for pulling the kids out included bullying and a lack of attention by the teachers. However, it seems like you're living in a smaller town with potentially nicer folks and better schools than back in AZ. Since all kids are different, it's possible that only your young man truly needs the one-on-one attention. Also, I haven't heard you talk about homeschooling co-ops. Have you looked into them? My understanding (no personal experience since my kids are too young) is that not only can they supplement the academics, e.g. support mom and/or the online program in a particular subject area, but they also can provide social opportunities, which your teen ladies might be looking for. Apologies if this is something you've heard a million times or I'm over-stepping. Take care!

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