Thursday, August 7, 2014

# must watch documentaries on youtube

{ Must Watch Documentaries on YouTube }

Yesterday I had mentioned that I have quite a huge Watch Later list on my Youtube account.  Anytime I come across a video that I think I will enjoy, I immediately add it to the list, and then as I watch, I just delete them.

I'm going through a Tudor phase, and am just interested in history in general, doesn't have to specifically relate to the Tudors.  Hence, my list is packed with videos that I know I will enjoy.

Kamala had asked me in the comments to please share the list, so here we go, there may just be something on there you will enjoy too :)

Turn back time:  The Edwardian Family
We Heard the Bells:  The Influenza of 1918
The most evil women in history Bloody Mary Tudor
Kings and Queens of England
The True History of English Food
Hampton Court Secrets of  Henry VIII's Palaces
Henry VIII and Westminster Abbey
Time Team Special: Henry VIII's Lost Palaces
Monarchy:  Henry the VIII King and Emperor
A very British Renaissance
The First Georgians
Tales from the Royal Wardrobe

 Those are just a few, I am constantly adding.  I you want me to post all of them, let me know, as there are quite a lot on my list.


  1. Im gonna have to check these Documentaries out once the kids goes to bed that is lol

  2. thank you thank you thank you! :)

  3. I didn't even know that you could compile such a list! xx


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