Tuesday, August 26, 2014

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You're Late Again, Lord!!!

You're late again, Lord!

It's here....the book is finally here and I've already been reading it.  I actually put aside the book I was in the middle of to start on this one.

I've mentioned before, but just as a reminder, this book is about learning to leave things in God's control and to know what to do when you're waiting for something to happen.  More importantly to recognize that things are done in God's timing and not ours.

I'm so bad in this department.  I put things in His hand and 5 minutes later I snatch them back, because it's just not being done as fast as I want it to.  Over and over I make this mistake, for years now I have constantly questioned Him about the fact that I ask for things that I think I need right away, or I get tired of waiting.  I'm always waiting it seems.

But he doesn't say wait and hope and sit quietly.  This is so huge for me, and such a light bulb moment.

Look, I've read this book before, many many years ago, but like everything else in life, as I've grown older, I've changed.  The way I see life, the way I approach things, the way I deal with problems, is very different from my 20 something old self.  This book couldn't have come at a better time for me, because I feel that right now is when I need it the most.

"What do I need the most?"

"You need ME.  You need to feel Me beside you and know that that's enough for whatever lies ahead, instead of trying to harness Me into your schedule.  You need to renew your spirit first and continually.  Slow down and let Me help you."

That is me to a tee.  Such a busy life, running around from place to place, sometimes too busy for God, and then something happens that forces me to slow down and instead of taking that time to wait, and to listen, really listen to what He has to say.

I've been in the Impatient Woman's Club for most of my life, and from what I gather it is quite a big club. 

It's not always easy to admit our faults and especially do it publicly, but I've always been extremely vocal about this battle I've had with losing control  and learning to wait with purpose.

This book has been a life saver, it has opened my eyes in ways that nothing and no one else, has ever done. 

Does God not know that I need this done, or that I want that by next week, or that I think I really really really need something?   Like it says in the book, yes He does, but thankfully He is smarter than we are.

Waiting purposefully means working while we wait, following God's word and surrendering to his will.  Oh yes indeed.  But, easier said than done, it is by far the biggest and toughest lesson I have had to learn, and am still learning to this day.

I hope to one day be able to say that I've finally learned to let go, that I've finally realized that just because I want something doesn't mean that it is something good for me. 

You know it's almost like when we tell the kids up front that we are going somewhere that they really want to go, and then for days leading up to it happening we are bombarded with "is it time yet?  can we go now?  why do we have to wait until so and so, maybe I don't want to go anymore."

I think that is exactly what I sound like at times when I'm talking to my Lord.  Accusingly, disrespectfully, judging, annoying.....

I'm willing to learn, to mount up and be ready for battle.  Most importantly I am going to read this book again, from cover to cover and really look at it through different eyes.  I am sure that as I read through it's pages, moments of clarity will engulf me and by the time I am done, I will be able to say that I finally get it and that I am now waiting with purpose.


  1. I am so bad in this area as well. But with all of our troubles last year God taught me volumes about letting go. I spent a lot of the year on my knees crying out to Him. Now that doesn't mean I always rely on Him in all situations. I am getting better. Especially after yesterday. I am tired of arguing with my oldest daughter.

    I will pray you are able to give it over to God and let Him lead.

  2. Me, too - in that club of impatients!! But like you, as I've grown older and seen practical miracles, I am starting to realize God will NEVER let me down. He is always on time - He is in the delays. I just have to trust Him.

  3. I think this book needs to be one of my next reads.

    I could use a lot of help in this area. That club of impatient women is, as you said, a rather large one and I am a member in great standing.

    That's not something to be proud of...

  4. I cannot and would not say in any way that I have this figured out, but I have worked out that things happen for a reason, and often that reason doesn't become clear for a very long time - years sometimes! - but there is a purpose and it will be come clear you just have to give it time. I suspect that you are already aware of that part, it is the feeling that you need an answer and waiting for it that is hard, that is what I struggle with too. I need help with this or that and why is it not forthcoming. Eventually the reason might become clear or not, but that waiting sure is hard isn't it. I hope that you find clarity and understanding while reading this book. xx

  5. This looks like a book I desperately need. This is one of my worst qualities, without a doubt.

  6. I received my copy last week. I guess I better start reading, because I'm in the Impatient Club also.

  7. Sounds like a very good book. It is hard to let go and do things in God's time.

  8. Thanks for the book suggestion. I just ordered a copy via our library interloan program. Hopefully, I will have time to read it when it arrives.

  9. I SOOOOO need to read this book! Patience is normally my strong suit, but it's gorwing thin as I grow older.

  10. I just put this in my shopping cart. It is exactly what I need to be reading right now. Thanks for the recommendation!

  11. Hello, what a wonderful blog you have here. I love meeting new bloggers, especially ones who share a love for the Lord. As soon as I visited you, I could see how warm and inviting your blog was. 'Also, I'm in that club, too, so I'm really glad I stumbled across your post today. Thanks for sharing the title of that book and how it's helping you to become more patient. I'll definitely have to get a copy. Blessings to you new friend... :)


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