Saturday, August 23, 2014

Such fun things on this Saturday!

Hello friends, come on in and let me tell you about my Saturday.  Now,  I didn't go anywhere, so I'm sure you're thinking that my post title might be misleading, but truly, I did do a lot of fun things today, or at least fun for me.

Want to hear about them?

And I do have some photos too to share, so you get a little of everything.

Laundry dryer sponges

First thing I did this morning, was to replenish my dryer sponges. I keep a jar in the laundry room, when I throw a load in the dryer, I grab one of the little sponges from inside, wring out a bit of the liquid and throw it in. It doesn't ruin the clothes, and it works great. When finished, I remove the sponge from the dryer and throw it back in the jar.

Living room corner

I don't think I have shown you this little area in the living room. I used to have this shelf between the curtains and it held some of my crochet blankets, but I decided to switch things around a bit.


I moved this canvas to the wall between the windows....

Wall decor

Also not sure if I ever showed you the stair area? I can't really figure out what I want to put in that corner, but for now it will just stay as is.


First thing on the fun list today? My knitting. I love crochet, you all know that, but as Fall comes around each year, I find myself gravitating towards my knitting basket.

Knitted boot cuffs

I finished these last night, they are for Jasmine....boot cuffs for when the cooler weather hits.

On the needles currently, I have a cute little shawl that I am also making for Jasmine, I do fear that I'm going to run out of the yarn I'm using and will need to buy more. I just hope that Walmart still has the one I am using.

Knitting shawl

Noodle head that I am, I threw out the brand name and have no clue what yarn it is.  I might luck out and be able to recognize the yarn at the store, or at least something that is very close to it.

On the list for knitting is also some slouchy hats, some legwarmers and some scarves.  Oh and on the crochet hook, some road trip scarves.

Fun, Fun!

You're late again, Lord!

Second fun thing???? Look what finally came in the mail. I was beside myself, I actually ran to the mailbox every single day, just waiting for this book to arrive and when he it finally did, I may have danced a little jig right there on the sidewalk.

I love this book so much, I talked about it at length years ago and I am sure I will be doing the same again and sharing with you, probably starting tomorrow.


Before I tell you about the other two fun things, let me show you my veggies....the basil above is just happy as can be.


There's my lettuce. Remember I told you the one outside died? Well I have started it inside and so far it is very happy on the window sill.


My tomatoes are finally making an appearance, about time, I say.


And these two are very very close to being harvested. They are turning a beautiful red.

Ready for the next fun thing????

I sat down for about 4 hours today and did this.....

I have wanted to search for our ancestors for many years, but never got around to it.   Today was the day, I had my parents, grandparents and some of the great grandparents names, dates of birth and dates of death, location etc.

I started entering information, all while talking back and forth with my stepmother who was providing me more information.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go very far with my side of the family, I need more information before I can proceed.....the track ran cold in 1880 in Portugal.  We'll get to that again though.

Then I started my husband's side and went through with the info I had for his mother's and his father's side of the family.  Now this is where it gets interesting.

Tracking his mother's side of the family, we ended up in England in 1582, with one ancestor actually dying in Plymouth, Massachusetts.   As a lover of history this is phenomenal.

Then I focused on his dad's side, and added in the names I knew, found all sorts of death certificates, birth certificates, marriage, census etc.   Guess where we ended up???

Yep, back in England as well, going all the way down to Lords and Sirs, and then back even further to France and Italy where we come across some Counts.  Lots of royalty dating all the way back to the year 450. 

I'm not even kidding you, King Charlemagne also known as Charles the Great or Charles I, was the King of the Franks from 768, the King of Italy from 774, and from 800 the first emperor in western Europe.

Clovis I and Pepin The Short.  Goodness gracious.  I haven't even begun to scratch the surface of this bloodline, but let's just say that I'm in Wales at the moment looking at King Coel of Camelot.

And quickly looking at the end of the line????  Are you ready?????  Adam and Eve.  Not even kidding you....and I don't even know how quite to react to this, it hasn't quite sunk in yet.

For a history nerd, this is like hitting the jackpot LOL

Will provide me material for research for many years to come.

And last but certainly not least......the return of Doctor Who.  Felt like we had been waiting for years for the new series to start, but today was THE day and oh what a day it was.

I will admit that when I first heard that Matt Smith was leaving and Peter Capaldi was taking his place as the new doctor, I was not a happy camper.  I didn't quite know what to think of him in this role, but boy was I pleasantly surprised.

Yes, I believe Peter Capaldi will fit right in.  And as for the episode, I won't say anything to spoil it for all of the Whovians who have yet to watch it....other than it was phenomenal, fun, exciting, and so so good, and went by way too quickly.  I don't know if we can wait until next weekend, this is torture.

So there you have it, my fun things for this Saturday.  It truly has been a wonderful day, I've learned so many new things about the family line, I've received a book I have been dying to get, watched my favorite show on earth and relaxed.

Now if that isn't a good Saturday, I don't know what is :)


  1. Yes, you DID have a FUN day.
    Adam and Eve? That is totally amazing. Love it!!

  2. That is totally awesome what you are finding out. I tried tracing ours and I didn't get too far. I smiled at your oil lamp there, I have the exact same one and had it lit last night :)
    I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!

  3. I am so mad at myself for forgetting Doctor Who last night. I can't believe I did that. We my niece and father in law over, then there was getting Mike ready for his business trip.

    Thank God for On Demand!

    Have you ever thought of opening a bed and breakfast? Your home always looks so cozy; it really reminds me of a nice B&B.

  4. love all your projects and cant wait to see the shawl and hats..i cant do cables at all..should try one day..
    wow, what a great piece of history you found Sandra..
    happy knitting..

  5. It sounds like a great Saturday all in all!! xx

  6. Hi, first time visitor here, from Susanne's blog.
    I've been itching to try the ancestry search. May I ask how much time you've spent researching to get to the point where you are now?

  7. Wow, it looks like you hit the jackpot! I have heard that if you tap into royalty, you can often trace your roots back to Adam and Eve because they kept thorough records. I have royal blood on my mother's side and those roots go back to Adam and Eve. When I bragged to my husband, he told me show me the money, LOL. Glad you had such a wonderful day, full of good things!

  8. I started my family search 2 years ago. We have Mormon lines so I started with the online Ancestry site and traveled to Salt Lake Utah for a Young Living convention. I spent 2 whole days at the temple and family search center. It was the most amazing experience to learn so much about my family. Very emotional. I will always cherish that trip.

  9. Ancestry is an amazing website. I have been known to be sitting there at 3 in the morning because I followed a thread and couldn't remember how I got there to be able to go back, so I had to just keep going. I LOVE it.

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