Saturday, August 2, 2014

# saturday evening

{ Saturday Evening }

Guess where I am????  At this moment, I am laying in bed with my laptop, my crochet stuff and my book.

I haven't done this in quite a long time, strange though because it used to be part of my nightly routine for many years.  It actually stopped being that last year when my family came to stay with us, we had so many people in the house an were always busy doing something, that this part of my nightly routine just sort of fell away.

I missed it though, I kept telling my husband that I needed to start doing that again, but then the move got in the way and then the setting up of this house the past month, and tonight, finally, for the first time in what seems like years, I am back on track.

Just another little tick on my list of things I am restarting in my life.

So, anyway, I am sitting here and I have a glass of water, no coffee tonight as my stomach doesn't feel very well.  I am not quite sure why or what is going on, but I had some leftover sausages for lunch and since then I've been a little off, so I guess this getting into bed thing came at the perfect time.

I am waiting for The Dead Files to come in about an hour and 10 minutes, so for now I may just watch something from my Youtube list, I'm thinking maybe continuing with the Turn Back Time: The Family videos, those are so interesting to me.


I also have my book at hand, I'm not sure if I'll get around to reading it, but I will give it a try.  Don't you just love the cover?  I'm always pulled in by the cover of books, and that saying "don't judge a book by it's cover", has proven itself true to me on a few occasions.  I can't help it though, and really, mason jars????  I had to grab it.

This morning started off with some menu planning, not for the next two weeks, but the second half of the month.  I like to be on top of things and right now I am enjoying reading and looking up Depression Era recipes, so I'm having a bit of fun with the menu.

Menu planning

My niece and nephew slept over last night, so when they were gone, Nic took both the blow up mattresses and made himself a little bed.  He asked us if he could keep it like that for the day, and usually I wouldn't allow it, I like my house neat and things in their place, but I figured why not?


It's just one time, it's not hurting anyone and it makes him happy.

While we're in the living room, let me show you something.  I think I've been having way too much fun with the chalkboard paint.  My family actually says that if it were up to me, I would chalkboard the couches and them too.  HA!!!

I painted the sides of my video cabinets with chalkboard.  We are having fun coming up with different movie and TV show themes and then drawing them on.

Video Cabinet

Come fall though, the TV schedule of the shows we watch will be on there.

I got some housework done, laundry as always, there's actually a pile of towels and sheets on the table that you can see.  I had just brought it in from the laundry room, ready to fold and put away.

Yellow Flowers

Got the upstairs all vacuumed and bathroom clean and bedrooms tidied and then as I was coming back down the stairs, I notice this. This little pug is such a brat, she keeps me laughing though. She HAS to be either sitting with someone or if there's a chance of being on anything that resembles a bed, there she is.

The boy and Miss Lola

She had climbed under the covers and was watching videos with Nic.

The boy and Miss Lola

This is her expression when I asked her what she was doing under the covers. I can't help but smile, I love her so much.

Once the inside was done, Curt mowed the back yard, we cleaned it up, rearranged the deck a bit and then I turned the sprinklers on. I always feel like no matter how much we water, the heat we've been having just kills the grass instantly. I am trying to get a green lawn without getting a huge water bill......oh boy.

Sprinkler sprinkles

Sprinkler sprinkles

Not only has the grass been enjoying the water, but the roses out front are all happy again.

Beautiful Rose

I plan on propagating some of the roses to the back yard.  I've done all my research and watched a bunch of videos and I'm just going to go for it.  Gardening always worries me because I either do really well or I tend to kill everything I try to grow.  But we'll see.

Dinner time

Because my stomach is not feeling too great, I made a very simple dinner, but one that I would say is one of the things my husband and children most love eating.  Corned Beef Hash!

Yum, I did have a little but not much so I don't make myself feel worse.

And I ended the night, again with something I hadn't had a chance to do in a while.  A nice hot, bubble bath.

Relaxing bath

Oh my goodness did that feel good. I was reminded of why I enjoyed them so much, and I think I may just make it my Saturday night thing....why not????

You know us mamas need some time to ourselves too, whether it be to pamper ourselves, paint our nails, read a book, do a craft or even just sit back and watch a show uninterrupted.  We need it, we deserve it, and it really does replenish the soul.

Ok, now to figure out what I'm doing with the crochet.  I am thinking of another blanket, but do I really need another?  Decisions, decisions!!!!

Alright my friends, let me go visit you all real quick and see what you're up to before I get busy with anything, otherwise I will get distracted and won't end up coming around to say hi.


  1. It was good to "visit" with you again. Love the picture of Nic and the pug!

  2. that pug face is ADORABLE!!! :) Captured that one at the perfect moment. :)

    Relaxing in bed sounds like a great idea ... I love those rare nights when I can do that, too. Too complicated of logistics at our house right now to make it a routine. Our kids use my room when someone is watching the TV in the living room ... and our laptops have broken (all but ONE that their dad hardly allows them to touch) so the desk top is IN MY ROOM for general consumption. Why am I telling you this?! I don't know! HA!!!!
    Have a great rest of the weekend. :)
    PS I planted 4 pots of herbs!!! Wish me WELL!!! I will take a pic for HHM on Monday if I remember!

  3. My sweet fur baby would give her right eye tooth to be able to get into any bed like thing with her family.

    That book looks divine and now I have to try and find it come Monday.

    I took a long bath the other night for the first time in ages and it was so comfortable that I passed straight out.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  4. This post sounds and looks so relaxing and I do hope you are feeling better today.



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