Friday, August 29, 2014

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Rainy Friday night!

Rainy sunset

The clouds started moving in as the sun started setting, and before we knew it, the rain was coming down.

I took this picture out of my back door looking towards the sunset.   So pretty!

You wouldn't know that it was starting to rain at this moment, it doesn't really look like it does it?

So I spent a quiet day.  My niece and nephew didn't come over for homeschooling today, so I did schooling with Nicholas and Jasmine, and they did it at their house, but I did have to call a few times to walk Colby through a few things.

It did seem like the day went by so fast though.

My husband is now going to class 3 times a week, and he has to drive 45 minutes to campus for his classes.  We're starting to feel it gas wise, and then it seems that every single thing he does on campus requires money.  From the parking ($10 a day), to his student ID ($25), to having to purchase a clicker for questions ($50).  We won't even talk about the price of books and other things needed for the classes.

Absolutely crazy.  I'm sure those of you with kids in college will know exactly what I'm talking about.  I just can't believe how expensive everything is and how much is needed for every little thing you do on campus.  I thank the Lord every day that we can count on the GI Bill for the cost of the classes and for some of the books, or this would just not be possible.

My husband already has a Bachelors in Management, but he is going for a Bachelors in Physics.  Smart man that he is.

Anyway, Monday and Wednesday he is gone to college all day and is usually around home by 5pm....on Fridays he is gone all day too but his last class doesn't end until 7:15pm, so he doesn't get home until about 8:30pm.  It's a lot of work and time.

Prepping dinner

I wasn't expecting him home until much later, but his last class was cancelled so he came home earlier which made me very happy.  There's nothing like seeing my husband walk in the door, I miss him when he is not with me.

Anyway, after doing the schooling with the kids, I did some housework and then sat and worked on Nic's laptop.  He uses it for school and it just wasn't running properly.  Something that is very normal when the kids download every single game they can find online, and indirectly load viruses and all sorts of adware onto their computers.

It took me an hour to delete all the unwanted items, update some of his drivers and software and install some programs he needed for school.

By the time I was done, I needed to get dinner going, and I knew just what I wanted to make.  The book above was given to me by my mother in law, many years ago.  It is a church cookbook from her old church in Lawton, Oklahoma, and in it are recipes from my husband's grandmother, cousin, aunt and my mother in law too.

Hot and Spicy Lasagna Recipe

Years ago, when we were visiting the family in Oklahoma, she made us her Hot and Spicy Lasagna and I loved it.  I've only made it once or twice since then, but was craving it and so that is what was on the menu.

I will have the recipe up on my food blog in the morning.  But here is a sneak is so good.

Hot and Spicy Lasagna

And while we're on the subject of the food blog, I just posted the recipe for Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake.  If you're familiar with Pampered Chef then you will know exactly what I'm talking about, but if you're not, then you have to give this recipe a try.

It is delicious, and quite dangerous as I could easy eat the whole thing myself, which wouldn't be a very good thing for my thighs.

Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake

This one is on the blog, I actually posted it earlier this evening.  Cherry Cheese Coffee Cake.

Tired mommy

Makes me smile really big when I think about food.  I have this love affair with yummy stuff.  Hahahaha

This is what a 40 year old tired mama looks like.  I used to think that as I got older, I would have a big problem with wrinkles and seeing them in the mirror, but I've changed my way of thinking over the years and I actually like seeing how I am aging.

I still don't think of myself as a 40 year old though, maybe I'm in denial? LOL

Scentsy burner

It is now 10pm and I am quite ready for bed, or maybe to watch something, I am not sure.  To be honest, it will probably be more of a *try to watch something and falling asleep within 5 minutes* kinda night.

Before I leave though, I wanted to show you what I'm working on.  I finished the boot cuffs for Jasmine, but had to set aside the shawl because I did indeed run out of the black yarn I was using and just can't get more at the moment.

I'm making do with what I have on hand, so I pulled out this pretty light purple and am knitting up some leg warmers.  I do love leg warmers.

Leg warmers

These will probably be for my niece as she loves purple.  Jasmine has requested a pair for her but I'll let her pick the color, then I think I will make myself and my sister in law a pair too.  Depends on how fast these knit up.

You know me, I tend to get bored with the same project and need to change things up constantly.  Speaking of which, my v stitch blanket has also been set aside, I should work on it a little more....maybe this weekend.

Oh my word, I feel like I've babbled for so long, I hope I didn't bore anyone with my jabbering.

I think I'm going to go call my girl real quick, she is sleeping over at her cousin's but I already miss her.  Isn't it crazy?  The minute the kids are out of my sight, I miss them so much and can't wait for them to come home.

First thing tomorrow morning I have grocery shopping to do, and also need to drop off the books at the library though I'm not picking any up this time.  I might next week, but not tomorrow.

Ok....there, I think I got all my chattiness out of my system and I can say that now I'm ready for bed.

Have a wonderful night friends and I'll see you back here tomorrow :)


  1. Good morning Sandra ~ What a small world we live in. My birth father and my sister were both born in Lawton, OK.

    I could see the rain in the photo. We can see rain falling here when looking at clouds. I always think it is neat, because it isn't raining elsewhere. That is a lovely sunset picture.

    You are a computer whiz besides being a whiz at so many other things. WOW!

    Have a great weekend with your family ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hello.... Never ever see you blabbering love reading your is suppose 90 degrees today, but tomorrow 80 degrees and rain... I have tons of projects to finish up...a fall open house at the end of the week.... A Christmas show in Oct... Yikes!!! :)
    Oh that lasagna looks yummy!!! Will have to try it..

  3. I completely agree with the problems with kids & laptops! I recently brought a MacBook which no child is ever allowed to touch for this very reason!

    The price if learning is astronomical isn't it? My husband is also at college and the bills amaze me. I want to get my degree in Psychology but I don't think we'll ever be able to afford it!

  4. I'm right there with you... 40 and tired! LOL! I do hope I look as beautiful as you do tired though!! :) I always drool all over when you post pics of your cooking... i'd sure tip the scales if I had you to cook for me! lol!

  5. I love chatty posts ... I guess since I don't have many "real life" friends right now, I see my blog friends as a great source of information and friendship!! :)
    LOVE Pampered Chef - you're making me think I need to get out some of the little cookbook booklets I usually bought when I went to PC parties back in the military days when my neighbors sold it & had parties! :)
    Loving your yarn works, as always.

    Oh, and 40 ... yeh, I it's just a number. I'm 43 now - going on 44 ... and I don't "feel" it either. Although I too glimpse those wrinkles and gray hairs in amazement of how long I've lived to earn them! LOL

  6. We have rain coming in tonight. Its been such a delightful Saturday for us. Quiet and full of family time.

    I know exactly what you are talking about when you say you miss your kids. I am the same way! Of course they all roll their eyes and sigh when I call them. Haha. But they can do that all they want.

    I just love old church cookbooks. I have a few that were my moms. I have also found some in the thrift stores. Those are my favorites. Matt just picked me up an Amish cookbook that has some old recipes in them.

  7. I don't think that you babble! Chatty posts are nice and it is nice to hear what you have been doing and imagine that we are having a conversation! xx

  8. I love your daily posts. Seeing how your day went. Hearing about all the things how ever big or small they may be that happen in your day. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Reading your blog makes me feel like catching up with a friend.

    Oh boy, don't I know that college is expensive. I know the gas hurts, but trust me, it's probably cheaper than if you lived closer to the college. We live in Lawrence, Kansas. It's a small town, but home to the Kansas University Jayhawks. Big college means high cost of living. You know, supply and demand type of stuff.
    Colleges sure find ways to nickel and dime you, don't they? I'm surprised they don't charge you for using their bathrooms. Is there a parking pass or something he could buy? That's what Shawn and I did when we commuted to KU from Kansas City.

    I love old church cookbooks. People pick their favorite recipes instead of just the placement of a few filler recipes. And the stories that sometime come with the recipes. Oh the history!

  9. Those recipes looks absolutely delectable! I look forward to trying the cherry one in particular.

    I hope you have a great holiday weekend. :D

  10. That lasagna looks delicious.

  11. I am in denial too and I am 24 years older than you.


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