Friday, February 17, 2017

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{ A little DIY and a new Crochet Project }

Hello, Hello!!!

It's Friday night and I'm thrilled that it's the start of the weekend, I always get so excited at the prospect of not having to go to bed at a specific time, or getting up early with the alarm.

That and the fact that being the weekend, means I can relax with my family, which I always enjoy.

I wanted to start by letting you all know that I haven't forgotten about the Birthday Giveaway, I plan on getting everything ready and boxed up to be shipped, winner picked and announced etc, by Sunday afternoon :)

Just been so busy and waiting for pay day as well, you know how that goes.


So I wanted to show you my little DIY today.  I was sitting early this morning, looking around my living room and making a mental list of things I would like to make or buy for the room.  Mostly things I want to make, because I want to have as much homemade by me as possible.

Crochet, sewing, painted, built, restored etc.  I firmly believe that we can do anything we set our minds to and I also think that it makes it so much cozier and meaningful when it comes from your own hands.


As you know, my living room is green, like a minty green.  I t was like that when we moved in and though at first I was not happy with it at all, it's kind of grown on me.  I would eventually like to paint a darker sage green, but for now it works.

So I want to incorporate and add a few pieces to accentuate the walls.  Crochet projects in greens and pale yellows, colors that will go with the room.


Then I remembered that I have these really cheap glass vases, sitting in a cupboard.  I never use them, because they've always felt like they needed a little extra something to make them pop.

At first I thought I would crochet some covers for it, but I didn't want to have to deal with stitch counts and because they're narrower towards the top, I would have to play around a bit until I got what I wanted.

Then it hit me.....glue and yarn.  The same way that you can make those yarn letters for your wall, but around the vase.  I immediately grabbed some mod podge and within 15 minutes had 2 vases.  One green and one pale yellow.


I am so in love with these, that now I want to make them in different colors for different rooms in the house.  I want 2 for my bedroom in grey and white.

I think they're such a fun and simple project that can be adapted for any room, and just imagine how pretty they will look in the Spring and Summer when they can be filled with fresh flowers :)


I puttered around a bit more, got my fabric stash out and looked through it, because I have a few ideas I want to get sewed up this weekend, hopefully, fingers crossed.


And then I got right into the Scheepjes Hygge CAL 2017.  Not like I need another project, but I fell in love with this one when I saw it and was anxiously waiting for it.

I'm not using one of the kits, nor am I using any suggested color combo.  As always, I have to use my own and whatever I'm feeling at the time, it's the way I crochet and it's what makes me enjoy it so much.

I have 10 rows to complete in total and so far I've done 6, though you don't see it in these pics as they were taken early this morning when I first started it.


If any of you want to join in, be sure to go on over and check out the instructions, the pattern, the yarn suggestions etc.  You can also follow along on Youtube {which is what I do}, where the amazing Esther from It's all in a Nutshell, guides us week by week.  She really is fantastic, she got me through the Sophie's Universe, is guiding me through the Mandala Madness and now the Hygge CAL.

This is what we will be creating, this beautiful shawl, though I don't think I'm going to use mine as a shawl, I might turn it into a blanket, I have an idea on how to do that, but we'll see how it goes.

I will also have a separate post up for this project, I've decided I'm going to do one for all of my crochet projects, mainly the big ones like these blankets, where I'll share with you the week by week progress right until the end.  I'll also share the crochet hook I'm using, the colors and yarn etc.  I want to keep record for myself as well in case I decide to recreate any of these projects in the future.

Anyway, I need to go and quickly finish up my menu and grocery list as I'm heading to the store in the morning.  I'll have a grocery haul up for you tomorrow sometime.

Also have to go downtown to get a money order for a bill that I have to send off, buy some shoes for my son who just doesn't stop growing and may try to squeeze in an oil change for the car which is due.

Another busy, busy day but I'll take you along :)


  1. Happy Saturday.....sounds like a busy one as well....I am heading to Sams club thus am then a baby shower this afternoon.......I love your vases, how crafty....what a sweet idea for gift giving as well...fill with fresh flowers for Mother's Day, I'll be gathering up cheap inexpensive vases at the thrift store.....thank you 😀

    Have a wonderful the new crochet project.....the Pom poms are adorable....I think I may have to go see about making one for a baby blanket.....neicebis due in July.....


  2. You did a wonderful job on the vases. They are beautiful. Have a happy weekend.

  3. You're so creative Sandra! I look at my room, wanting to do more with it and think why bother all we do is sleep there! LOL!

  4. This is my first time I have visited your blog but I had fun reading your post and as I read through it there were several times I thought - those are my thoughts exactly. Such as enjoying being able to stay up late and not use an alarm clock on the weekend and this quote expresses my feelings perfectly: "I firmly believe that we can do anything we set our minds to and I also think that it makes it so much cozier and meaningful when it comes from your own hands."

    The shawl/blanket you are working on looks neat!

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