Friday, February 10, 2017

{ What a day....Marley hurt his leg }

Oh folks, it was just one of those days for me.

February 10, 2017

It started ok, I worked on some knitting, enjoyed a cup of coffee and tried to push away the tiredness. Last night Bella kept me up all night, she paced the bedroom, she panted, she laid down, then got up again. It was constant the whole night, so sleep for me was non existent.

February 10, 2017

February 10, 2017

This beautiful boy right here hurt his right back leg, today. He is so active, so jumpy, so full of energy and I always fear he's going to hurt himself seriously.

He started the day fine, then around noon when my husband was home for lunch, he got super excited, tried to jump on him on the couch, missed and jumped right over the side. The minute he hit the ground he started yelping. We rushed to him and did a quick check of his leg, which obviously hurt him. After feeling around, moving it and making sure it looked ok, we concluded that it's not broken but I think he either landed on it, or pulled a muscle.

The rest of the day he's been off that leg, he won't put it on the ground, he either hops around, or puts just the tip of his toes down but keeps pressure off.

I hate seeing him like this because he's usually so full of life.

I have to say, my anxiety today though has gone through the roof. My experience with Lola, especially the 2 nights before she passed, traumatized more than I realized. It's not good at all, really, because the minute Marley started yelping, I had flashbacks to Lola and just wanted to burst into tears. I'm so thankful my husband was here at the time because he took over, allowing me to step back a bit and compose myself.

February 10, 2017

While Marley rested next to me, I tried to keep my mind busy with some more knitting. 

February 10, 2017

I did a little bit of housework while he napped and then worked on finishing off our taxes, which by the way, did not do much for making the day any better.  $2800 is what we owe.  God give me strength.

I actually sat down this afternoon and started thinking that maybe getting another pet right now, wasn't the best choice for me, I don't think I'm quite mentally prepared for it.  But I look at Marley and love him so very much and honestly couldn't imagine him not being here, or still being at the Humane Society.

I know I did the right thing, I know I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, so I think I need to just give myself time to deal with my emotions and get through the grief of losing my Lola and the traumatizing moments leading up to her death.  I can't compare the two, I can't keep thinking that what happened to Lola is going to happen to Marley, because if I do, I will drive myself insane.

He didn't break his leg, she pulled something or landed funny etc.  He is fine, he is playing, he is eating and drinking, he moves his leg around when he's sitting or laying, it's just walking that he doesn't put it down.  I think he may be scared that it's going to hurt?

Either way, I called the vet and they said to just keep an eye on him, and unless he starts crying, or there's a lot of swelling or doesn't look right or he doesn't get better over the weekend, then we'll take him in on Monday and have some X Rays done to see what's going on.

So yes, a bit of a crappy day, tomorrow will be much better.  We're heading to David's Bridal in the morning for Jasmine to try on some bridesmaid dresses for Tiffany's wedding in June.  I plan on taking my camera to show you :)

Right now, I'm going to head to bed with Marley, I'm exhausted, and so is he.

I hope you all have a blessed, wonderful Friday night, and I'm sorry today's post was so full of wah wah wah on my part, I will be back to my usual self in no time.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Marley hurting himself and about your flashbacks of Lola. I know you are still going through the grieving process. Please keep us posted on Marley.

    ~Sharon in Oklahoma

  2. I hope Marley's leg starts to feel better.

  3. I hope Marley is better soon - I think you're right, he's just avoiding putting weight on the leg as I'm sure it's sore. If there's no swelling, in a few days, he should be back to normal.

  4. oh no, poor Marley..Hope he much better today..
    that looks pretty, are you following a pattern?
    have a better day today Sandra..

  5. Hope Marley is better today! Hope you have a fun time dress shopping!

  6. Hi Sandra! Just catching up! Poor Marley - but glad he's okay. He seems like the sweetest boy. Sorry you've been having some off days, but hope this weekend improves for you and brings you many moments of joy. ;) I think sometimes we do just have to ride those moments out. Hang in there and wishing blessings to you. xoxo

  7. Sorry you are having one of those days. They are never fun, but it will pass.
    I hope Marley feels better soon.
    Sorry for the flashbacks too. Just remember that Lola had such a good full and loving life with you and your family. All the good memories and times far outweigh the bad, and Marley will be just the same. He seems like such a sweet loving boy. :)
    Hope things start looking up. *sending hugs your way*

  8. Sandra sorry your day started off so bad....and then to have Marley hurt his leg...praying that it heals fast.....

    I love your knitting....did not know you knitted.....I took a class a long time ago, but never went much further....I've been seeing more and more knitting on blogs and it is giving me the itch to drag those needles out and a few you tube videos......what is it that you're knitting? It's beautiful whatever it maybe.......I hope the rest of your day and there after was better.....


  9. So sorry about your dog, We love our pets so much its hard to see them in any kind of pain. Hope by the time your read this he is better and you are having a great day!


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