Wednesday, February 22, 2017

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{ My crazy life }

What a weird day for me, I was completely off today thinking it was Monday even though it was Tuesday.  Anytime we have a long weekend, it completely throws me off.

Well hello everyone.  First, thank you for your comments on my all my posts, you don't know how much I appreciate them and love them, even if I don't always reply or come by.   You are by far the sweetest ladies, you read my posts, you give me love, you encourage me and I just adore you all, so thank you :)

I spent most of yesterday on the road, we had to go take my daughter to meet up with her boyfriend, who was picking her up so she can go visit him and his family.  I don't mind the drive, it gives my husband and I a chance to talk and spend some time together.  Lately, it's served as a way to vent, to let out our feelings with not only life, bills, things we have going on, but our quickly growing children and Jasmine moving out at the end of May.

It's a lot of feelings, emotions, questions and basically a lot of me saying "I love her, I wish she wasn't growing so quickly, wish she wasn't moving out yet, wish I could turn back time, I miss the kids being little, where has time gone, how do we stop this, how am I going to get through this?".....on repeat.
These things seem to play in my mind almost on a constant basis, and I don't have the answers but I also know that no matter how incredibly helpless I feel right now, I'm just one of many parents, going through this, who have gone through this and will go through it.  They got through and so we shall, but boy is it hard.

She's a good girl, she stays in touch constantly, calls me mama, still wants to hold my hand all the time and hug me and love me.  I'm going to miss that.

Ok enough.  I promise to bore you all to death with a Jasmine leaving post, at another time.  This is not what this one is about though.  I'm just here to tell you about my past few days.

So, back to the story.  We drove out almost 3 hours, dropped her off, and turned right back around.  By the time I got home, I didn't feel like doing much of anything, but I managed to get laundry going and tidy up a it around the house, do a little crochet and just basically faff around until bedtime.

Today I woke up with a lot more determination to get things done and be productive.

I cleaned and tidied up Jasmine's bedroom, which if you have a teenager you know what I'm talking about.  Major chaos in there, on a constant basis.  Got it all done, stripped her bed and washed all the linens and did all her laundry.

I also switched out the curtain rings in her bathroom.  The ones I had before didn't work quite well and I found that half the time they fell off the rod etc.  They were just a simple metal hook.  I had bought a different looking set a few months ago and hadn't yet gotten around to changing them out, today was the day.


I also vacuumed and carpet cleaned both living rooms, did tons of laundry and finished the first part of the Scheepje's CAL so that I can be ready to get on with Part 2 when it is released tomorrow.


I did another row on the Mandala Madness, and also read a few more pages in a book I have for review.


The mail came and dropped off another book, which I am so excited about.


I've paged through it real quick and it's filled with not only very interesting information but recipes for all sorts of things using essential oils.  Very informative book.


Paid some bills, made a yummy dinner of meatballs.  I was going to do them with spaghetti but both hubby and son requested meatball subs instead, so that is what we had.

My boy is not feeling very well, he has had a headache since last night, he has a runny tummy and he says he just doesn't feel very good.  I think he is coming down with something, and I'm pretty certain that headache is sinus related because it is centered mainly on his forehead and above his eyes.  He also says it hurts more when he walks or moves his eyes from side to side.

I'm keeping an eye on him and if by tomorrow this is still ongoing, I'll be making an appointment and taking him in.

I wouldn't be surprised if he's getting sick, the changes in weather haven't helped either, it's 90 degrees one day and 30 the next, then back to 70, then back down to 40.  It's just insane.

Anyway, as a mom I just hate when one of them is not well, the worry kicks in and I find myself on edge until I know exactly what is wrong or until they're feeling better.

So, I'm going to go and give him some motrin and check on him again, then I need to get ready for bed, it's around that time for me again.

I hope you've all been having a great week so far, and that the rest of the week is a good one for everyone.  I'll see you all tomorrow.



  1. Good morning Sandra....we've been experiencing spring like weather here in Ohio, but a big turn to cold temperatures this coming weekend...sickness is all around us from itvtoo...I hope Nicholas gets to feeling better soon... I had two children of mine two step children so when they started filtering off into the world on their own it was hard empty nest set in fast but I got a yes I know you have two....well I'm 52 hubbybus soon to be 52 and we've been on our own fir about 8 yrs we love it....we love our children...grandchildren...but we love just us and our pooch ...we camp, we fish...we antique....we flea market's hard at first but you have a great friendship with jasmine as I do my daughter, she will always be daughter is 10 minutes from it makes it easy.....have a great day...didnt mean for this to be so long


  2. Hope he feels better soon.

    Once you get over the shock of them leaving, the empty nest is quite nice. Hang in there!

  3. Hello dear friend! I have missed a few of your posts. Seem to be getting behind with the move coming up in May and the husband down with his leg. Good to visit you. You have my prayers.

  4. I just typed a huge comment and accidentally deleted the whole thing - aarrgghh!! Bottom line, essential oils are huge and can be used to provide relief for all kinds of things. See if you can find the book Modern Essentials at your local library - great resource. Here's a link with the details:

  5. Hi Sandra! Love seeing what you're up to, as always. ;) It's so crazy to think of Jasmine being that old already and you facing those big changes! I know I'm not far behind you and it scares the bejeezers out of me. I'm so appreciative you share so much of things here and know we're all not alone in this "parenting boat".

    I love seeing your projects and cozy home too! I've been fascinate with essential oils and using them more in my daily life. Would love to hear if you pick up some great tips!

    Hope your sweet Boy feels better soon. We've had same sinus issues due to our crazy up and down weather too.

    Blessings. xoxo

  6. I can't wait for your review on the essential oils book. What is the other book you are reading? I'm always interested in new books. I made a resolution this year to attempt 2 books a month. You know how difficult that can be when your kids are young and needy. So far so good though. I hope your boy is feeling better. The sinus stuff is a mess here as well. That darn weather. Just hope he's not coming down with one of those awful viruses that are going around. I'm still so shocked that Jasmine is old enough to move out! It doesn't seem like that long ago that I started reading your blog and both Jasmine and Nicholas were so tiny. Good grief the time has flown by.


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