Saturday, February 23, 2019

{ Feeling a bit out of sorts }

I did it again, slacked off on the daily blogging.  It's so frustrating when you want so badly to stick with it and then find yourself inadvertently messing up.

The truth is, I've been a bit out of sorts the past few days.

I can't quite put my finger on it, it's like I have all these things planned to do the following day, and then the day comes around and I end up not doing any of it.  I feel unmotivated and honestly a little unsettled.

I know that it's normal, I've been through this feeling before.  You end up just going through the notions from day to day until the cobwebs finally clear in your head and it's all back to normal.  I'm going to blame it on the weather, because I do realize that is one of the factors in the way I've been feeling.

I want spring time, I want to plant flowers, I want to get outside and enjoy being out there, and I'm quite over and done with the cold, the ice and the high winds.  Just bring me the warmth.

So, this is basically the reason I've been a little out of touch the past few days, I would actually say the month of February.  You know how I notice when this happens?  Through my photo albums online.  I've hardly taken any photos the whole month of February, it's crazy.

Two days ago, I also got hit with some sort of a stomach bug, so much so that I tried to suck it up because I had to pick up Jasmine from work, and I couldn't.  I ended up having to get in touch with Curt at work and asking him to please pick her up for me.  I felt so guilty.

But honestly, I don't think I could have plopped myself in the truck to drive, that's how awful I was feeling.

We've had a very quiet Saturday, I went grocery shopping, then hubby and I grabbed some Whataburger for us all for lunch, I then started laundry and by that time, we had to go back out to drop off Jasmine at work, and then run some errands.

My day however is now done, I've retired to my bed with my Marley, and I'm thinking I'll binge watch some Most Haunted tonight.

God bless!!!!

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  1. I have serious cabin fever. I plunged into deep cleaning to get motivated. Hope you are feeling better soon.


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