Friday, February 15, 2019

{ A kitchen day and a cleaning tip }


First and foremost, I have to show you what my husband got me yesterday.

We don't really buy much into the whole Valentine's Day thing, mainly because we both find it a tad ridiculous, in the sense that you shouldn't need one specific day to spend tons of money and tell your significant other, how much you love them.

But with that said, every once in a while, we will surprise each other with a little something.

Curt came home from work yesterday filled with surprises for everyone, including Marley who got his very own big teddy bear to play with.  He was so excited!!!!

He also got the kids plushies and chocolate.  Though we don't do much for each other on this day, we've always gotten the kids something to tell them we love them.

For me, he brought a beautiful card (which I forgot to include in the picture I took), a box of chocolates, a chocolate rose and that adorable Koala.

If you don't know, we met online, and at the time my username was Koala, so the fact that 21 years later this man still remembers that, means I picked a winner.  I'm incredibly blessed to have him.

For dinner last night, I made one of his and the kid's favorites, which is the Portuguese steak with the fried egg, homemade fries and salad, and then I also made a Lemon Pound Cake because he loves everything lemon.

It was a nice dinner :)



Jasmine had yesterday off, so I didn't have to run around, which meant a home day of doing whatever I wanted or needed doing.

The house was not needing any attention, other than the usual dishes etc., so I mainly worked on schooling with Nick, watched an episode of Kindred Spirits with Jasmine and then made my way to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

I tried a recipe as well for some Brasilian Cheese Bread, which I love, but unfortunately didn't turn out well.  Yes, I also have the occasional fail in the kitchen, just like everyone else.

I am not going to give up though as I plan on working on this recipe, until it comes out the way it's supposed to.

And that brings me to the cleaning tip I have for you.  I used my blender quite a bit yesterday afternoon, and we all know that cleaning a blender can be a bit of a faff at times.  But here's an easy way to get the job done.


All you're going to do is add some water to your blender, and then add a bit of dishwashing detergent as well.  Pop the lid on and turn it on for a minute or so.

That water and the detergent will give both the blender and the lid a really good clean.  All you need to do after is give it a good rinse and you're done.  How's that for a quick and easy way to clean your blender?

I have another quiet day today, so I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do. 

I've been feeling a bit out of sorts lately when it comes to my schedule and routine.  I know I have things to do and I get to them, but most of the time I sit and wonder what I should or need doing.

Really don't like feeling that way, so I think I need to make a new routine for myself, an easy one to follow throughout the week so that I can give attention to specific parts of the house. 

Curt is going to be home a little later than usual today because of a work function, so dinner will be about an hour later than usual.  I'll be making a Sheet Pan Pepperoni Pizza.  Can't go wrong with pizza, it is always a hit in this house.

I hope you all have a good Friday and a wonderful weekend. I'll see you all tomorrow :)

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  1. Hi Sandra, it sounds like you have a lovely day, the cakes look yum! I also clean my milkshake maker the same way, no fuss.


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