Tuesday, February 12, 2019

{ Fog, running around and a little sewing }


Woke up to quite a thick blanket of fog and chilly temperatures.  The picture below was taken as the fog was starting to lift, because about 10 minutes prior to this, I couldn't even see the trees in the yard.


The usual homemaking was done, and while starting on the dishes and cleaning the faucet and sink area, I decided to pull out some of my spring/summer dishcloths to brighten things up.  I guess in a way I'm sending the message to mother nature, that we are ready for the warm sunny temperatures, flowers, barbecues and days spent at the lake.


Now I may be overthinking, or seeing what I want to see, but I'm pretty sure that Spring is well on it's way to us.  The grass is turning green, the little birds are out in force and so are the Grape Hyacinths.



Those always pop up right before Spring shows it's face around our area, so I'm welcoming them with open arms.  I have a lot of plans for the yards this spring and summer, and so many things I want to get done, so I'm eager to get things going.


I sat down for a little to get some sewing done.  I had to remove all the elastic from the arms on that football shirt, and then hem it neatly.  It's always during these moments that I think of my grandmother and thank her profusely for teaching me how to sew.  It's not something that many girls know how to do, but I for one am thankful to be able to have the knowledge and to apply it to my family's needs.



I didn't get to finish it all before I had to take my daughter to work.  I took the camera along this time so I could snap just a few quick pictures, here and there.  Obviously it had to be done while stopped at red lights, which didn't quite give me enough time, but I was able to do it.


Also stopped and picked up our mail on the way home.  Those two big packages contained some more books for review, from National Geographic.  I've been so blessed to be able to work with TLC Books and receive so many wonderful books in the mail for reviews.  One that I'm really excited for, is this one below.


I'm very interested in natural remedies and learning more about herbs and foods in general that are beneficial to us.  I can't wait to sink my teeth into that one.

The second book that came in is equally exciting, especially with summer coming up.  I'm sure I'll find some very interesting ideas on places to visit.


The rest of the day was the usual running around, and then later that night we went over to my brother's house for a piece of cake and some coffee, as it was his birthday.

It's always great to sit down and have a good chat, we end up laughing until our sides hurt.  There's really nothing like family.

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  1. I'm ready for spring, too! Supposed to be near 50 here today! But back into the 20s tomorrow. Ah well... it'll come eventually!


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