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{ National Geographic's Nature's Best Remedies - TLC Book Tour }

Hardcover: 320 pages 
Publisher: National Geographic (February 5, 2019)

A guide to the world’s most therapeutic foods, herbs, spices, and essential oils will allow the healing power of nature to energize your body and enrich your life, providing a surefire path to good health and well-being.

This authoritative guide to the foods, herbs, spices, essential oils, and other natural substances that alleviate common ailments will enhance your life–from treating illness to sharpening the mind, losing weight, cleaning the home, enhancing pregnancy, and reducing the effects of aging. Divided into two sections–Nature’s Cures and Nature’s Pharmacopoeia–this beautifully illustrated guide provides up-to-date information on such timely topics as the perils of packaged foods and the benefits of phytochemicals, how to achieve major results with minor alterations in your food choices, the soothing benefits of essential oils, and the most effective methods for maximizing such natural home helpers as salts, vinegars, oils, and more. Innovative recipes offer easy, effective dishes that utilize multiple herbs, spices, and fresh foods for powerhouse results.

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My Thoughts:


If I have to describe it in just one word, that would be it.  This book is jam packed with tons and I mean tons of not only informational and interesting/important facts about herbs, spices and food in general, but it also includes ways to use them and DIY recipes to make at home.

I've been wanting to delve into the whole natural and home remedies thing, for a long time, but it wasn't until much recently that I really thought I need to be consistent and firm about these changes.

The truth is that the main reason why I've been interested in these changes, is due to the fact that we have lost quite a few family members to cancer recently, and have other family members and friends battling this horrible disease at the moment.

I started thinking that it's just so strange that cancer seems to be so rampant lately, it seems that every person I talk to is either dealing with or has a close family member of friend going through treatments.  There has to be a reason for this increase in cases.

In my mind, and I know in many others, it is linked to the food we put into our body.  More and more the quality of the food we buy in stores, seems to recline.  I have never seen so many food recalls as I have the past few months.  It's really scary.

This book came at the perfect time for me, it's a way to teach, inspire and get me going without feeling overwhelmed.

It is so well put together and organized that I didn't feel confused or like I was being given too much information all at once and therefore muddling my mind even further.

I actually started reading it the very first day it arrived in the mail.  I sat in the parking lot waiting for my daughter to get off work, and quickly read through the foreword and the first few pages. 

It is so well written, in the sense that it does a wonderful job of explaining exactly why you should think about the food you put in your body, and it also teaches you how to look at food differently.  How to pick the best ingredients and how each individual herb, plant, fruit works and what they work for.

For example, I knew that tea and especially green tea, is really good for you, but I honestly had no idea that it can prevent breast cancer.

I also knew about the benefits of grapefruit and other citrus, but I learned SO much more about them.

I feel like I have the right tool to start off on this path of healthier, cleaner and natural eating.

Absolutely fantastic book from National Geographic.  If you're also interested in natural remedies and their uses, this book is a must for your library.

Thank you to TLC and Natural Geographic for the opportunity to review this amazing treasure.

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  1. I really enjoyed this book too and I didn't feel overwhelmed with a TON of information. I read this while waiting for kid pick ups at school and it was kind of perfect to read a few sections and then come back to it later. Thanks for being on this tour!

    Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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