Saturday, February 16, 2019

{ Five Senses Saturday - 02/16/2019 }


In October of 2006, I did my very first Five Senses Saturday.  I had seen another blogger do something similar in one of their posts, but it wasn't dedicated to a specific weekday, it was just a five senses post about what she had heard, seen and so on.

I wanted something specific to my Saturdays because if you remember back in those early blogging days, every day seemed to have a theme.  I think in a way it helped blogging, because you knew what you were doing on a certain day and you really never ran out of ideas.

Some of my favorites from back then would be Treasure Tuesday, Show and Tell Friday, Menu Plan Monday, Works for me Wednesday, of course my Slow Cooking Thursday and so on.

Good ol' days :)

Right, let's get on and take a quick look at this past week.


- Strong winds outside sending my curtains flying
- Marley playing with his toys
- The tornado siren test blaring outside my windows
- My kids talking and laughing
- The vlogs I'm watching


- Hawk flying around above me
- The signs of spring showing up in the yard
- The pile of laundry waiting to be folded
- Lots of cars being pulled over on the side of the highway
- Rain drops falling from the sky


- The cold crochet hook in my hand
- The buttons in the truck to turn on my heated seats
- Hot water as I wash the dishes
- Marley's soft fur
- Soft fluffy white blanket wrapped around me


- One of the best homemade pizzas EVER
- Coffee with Cinnabon Creamer
- Lemon Pound Cake for Valentine's Day
- Yummy chocolates that my husband gave me
- Grapefruit Juice which I love but the rest of the family hates


- Fresh blueberries
- Lavender and Mint dish soap
- My essential oils diffusing
- The first scent of chocolate as you open up the box
- Chicken frying for dinner

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