Monday, July 2, 2012

# TDY day 34

Day 34  What a day I had.

So my air conditioner decided to stop working all together this morning and I honestly felt like I was going to die.

Folks, Arizona is NOT the place to be without air conditioner, the temperature today was 108 degrees outside but it felt like a furnace inside the house.  I was miserable, the kids were miserable, the poor pugs were miserable.

I called housing maintenance and the guy came out right away to fix it, but ended up staying here for 4 hours trying to get it fixed.  At some point, I actually starting feeling sick to my stomach, I honestly wanted to cry. 

Thankfully, it's now working and it feels nice and cool in the house.  Thank the Lord.

:::: morning started with a sky full of clouds

:::: about the time we started feeling the air conditioner on it's last leg, we were all feeling pretty hot

:::: another miserable pug

:::: made a few more fabric postcards. You just need some empty cereal or cracker boxes, cut them into a postcard size (I use another postcard for the size), then on the front using mod podge, just slap on some fabric pieces, strips etc. Write the postcard out, slap on a stamp and you're good to go :)

:::: here's another. It's a good way to use up scraps

:::: making another batch of lavender vinegar for cleaning

:::: I love cleaning with homemade infused vinegar

:::: dishes drying

:::: my favorite kitchen appliance whipping up a homemade white vanilla cake mix

:::: a little 4th of July inspired treat for the kids

:::: kitchen window sill, my bunny :)

:::: I have two of these that I picked up back in Idaho

:::: while the air conditioner was out, I tried really hard not to cook anything but by 6:30pm my kids were really hungry and I had to get dinner done, so pushed through the heat

:::: I'm beat. The heat today almost killed me, but I can say that I now have a new found appreciation for air conditioning.


  1. Glad you got your a.c. working again. The heat is horrible and I think it gets to us worse the older we get, (speaking for my DH and myself).

    Have a lovely 4th and I hope you get some rain and relief soon.


  2. I thought of you and your posts of how things go wrong when the hubby leaves. Mine left the other day then our dog got sick. We then had a huge wind storm and our power has been out for four days. It has been up to 104 degrees. We lost all our food. We have a generator and can power a fan. Just doing the best we can. Glad you weren't without too long.

  3. Oh my goodness, I can't imagine that kind of heat without air. So glad it's back working.

  4. Have a fantastic 4th of July tomorrow!

    So glad your air-con was fixed!

    Hugs. x

  5. I cannot live without my ac. So glad you got yours fixed.

    Your pugs are so cute. I have wanted a pug for a long time but we already have 6 dogs.

    The fabric postcards are very cute. I'm going to have to make some.

    I bet the lavender vinegar smells lovely. I've been wanting to make some citrus infused vinegar.

  6. Isn't that always how it goes....a military wife is a strong woman. You inspire me with every post! Fabric post cards who would have thought? :)

  7. Isn't that always how it goes....a military wife is a strong woman. You inspire me with every post! Fabric post cards who would have thought? :)

  8. Isn't that always how it goes....a military wife is a strong woman. You inspire me with every post! Fabric post cards who would have thought? :)

  9. I'm so glad your a.c. is fixed. I totally get the feeling sick with the heat. Working in the laundry dept in this weather is no picnic!

  10. I love your fabric postcards! What a fab idea! Hope that rain comes that is forecast and it might ease the heat for you all.

  11. what was that you fixed for dinner???

  12. Oh, my gosh! Good thing you got your AC working again! Nobody wants to get caught in this ridiculous summer heat we’re having without a working AC! That must have been torture for you! At least it was fixed, and I hope you and your kids and pugs are doing better now.

    Naoki Dieter

  13. I can’t imagine how stressful that was for your family and even your pugs! It’s good that your AC has been restored! You should always have it regularly checked for maintenance to avoid this kind of inconvenience again.

    -Darryl Iorio

  14. I feel bad for your pug! I know how much stress hot weather creates for dogs. It’s good that the housing maintenance responded quickly, and after 4 long hours of miserable temperature, your AC was restored! Next time, you should have your AC regularly checked for maintenance so that you would not have to experience any inconveniences.

    -Kurt Verdejo

  15. It's a good thing that your AC unit was fixed that day. You only had to suffer 4 hours of extreme heat. Anyway, what did the repairman say about the problem? Did your AC suddenly stop? If it suddenly stopped, I think your AC unit's grill was blocked. You just need to disassemble the AC, and clean the fan, motor, and fins with a dry cloth. Also, be careful when removing the top grill as this is connected to the fan, and it may get disconnected if you force it. These are only the simple steps in solving the problems of your AC; it’s still best to call for a professional to do it.

    Georgia Fuller

  16. That’s what you call stress! No AC on a hot summer day?! I feel sorry for your pug too. I remembered when we had our AC replaced, it was during the summer too and my Japanese spitz almost got sick due to too much heat.

    -Mechteld Abelli


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