Thursday, July 12, 2012

# TDY day 44

Day 44 - One sleep....maybe????

Well my hubby is in Arizona, and probably somewhere near Flagstaff, so I'm not sure if he's going to push through and come in tonight, or if he'll stop and get some rest and then come in tomorrow morning.

I would LOVE for him to be home tonight, but he's been driving all day long and I don't want him to push it. So we'll see :)

:::: Had a big thunderstorm last night, lots of thunder and lightning and some good rain. This morning we still had tons of clouds in the sky, only problem is that it made the weather very hot and very humid....blech.
Day 44

:::: I can't help photographing her, she is such a cutie
Day 44

:::: best way to watch TV? In laundry baskets of course.
Day 44

:::: apparently it's comfy, but I'll have to take their word for it, for I fear if I sit in one of those, they'll need a crane to get me out LOL
Day 44

:::: because sometimes the small little things, are the prettiest
Day 44

:::: Kids wanted to take a picture of me with each of them....sorry about the blurriness, still love these :)
Day 44

:::: men and my boy :)
Day 44

:::: made a Homemade Viennetta as a special surprise dessert for hubby :)
Day 44


  1. If he sees that dessert he'll be home tonight!

  2. Awwwww such a cute pug! Hope your hubbie travels safe and is home before you know it. That dessert looks awesome! Yummmmm!

  3. It won't be long now. Love those pictures of you with each of your kiddos.

    That dessert looks so yummy.

    Have a happy reunion!


  4. Hoping your hubby is home by now and you are all celebrating! :)

    My kids watch TV in some of the strangest ways too.....I think it's darling, but I agree with you, I don't think I'll try it.

    Love the pics of you and your kids. Those are sweet.

    Have a great weekend (I know you will)! :)



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