Monday, January 15, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday - 01/15/2018

Good morning everyone, how was your weekend?  Can you believe that we're about halfway through January already? 


I've just sat down with a cup of coffee and my rice and lavender heating pad. I desperately need a good pillow because the ones I have are not working and just making me more sore. If you have any suggestions of a good neck and shoulder pillow, please do let me know, I'm getting desperate to find the right one so I stop getting neck/shoulder/back aches.

Right, now let's get on with our Happy Homemaker Monday.

As I look outside my window:::
Beautiful blue skies, not a single cloud in sight.  It is 29 degrees at the moment, and our high is just 44 for today.  I do love how Winter looks though, there's such a beauty about it.
Right now I am:::
Enjoying my coffee and working on this post, while also being interrupted every 5 minutes by Marley who can't quite decide what he wants.  He wants out, then he runs outside and right back in, only to ask to be let out again in 5 minutes.  So annoying!!! 
Thinking and pondering:::
About my health, I've had some things going on and I truly need some prayers.  The Lord knows exactly what my issues are, but let's just say that I'm going to be completely honest with you all......aside from my constant worrying about everything, I do truly believe I'm a hypochondriac.  There I said it.  Any pain, anything out of the ordinary and my mind immediately goes to the worst case scenario.  It's so frustrating living this way because I rob myself of daily joy while my mind wanders, and questions and fills with stupid what if's and oh no's.
But I'll talk more about this in a different post coming up this's time to get real about myself and my short comings. 
On my bedside table:::
TV control, lotion, and a couple of books. 
On my tv tonight:::
Not really sure, I went back to Wolf Hall last night and I've forgotten pretty much all of it, so instead of trying to figure out where I left off, I thought it would be easier to just start from the beginning, so that's what I'm doing.

Listening to:::
Birds chirping outside and the keys on my keyboard as I type this.  It's deadly quiet in here with everyone still asleep. 

On the menu for this week:::
Monday - Chili con Carne with Tortilla Chips, Simple Crumb Cake
Tuesday - Hearty Chicken Bog, Salad
Wednesday - Cheddar Ziti Bake, Garlic Bread
Thursday - Smoked Sausage and Potatoes
Friday - Chicken Fricassee with Rice
Saturday - Grandma's Turkey a La King with Salad
Sunday - Steaks with Pepper Sauce, Potato Wedges

On my to do list:::
Homemaking - Dishes, finish laundry, pick up and tidy

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
Have a few projects going at the moment, but didn't get much crochet time in last week, only worked on Part 6 of the Elements CAL which I showed you in a previous post. 

  My simple pleasure:::
Researching different subjects I find interesting when I'm watching a TV series.  I have this habit that if I'm watching a series and something catches my eye, especially when it pertains to history, I have to research and learn more about it.  Just really enjoy that :) 

Lesson learned the past week::: 
That I'm so far down the ladder in my Faith and Grace, and that it's not going to be an easy or quick journey back to where I used to be.  I'm pushing through though.   

From the camera:::
This Marley is the cutest thing hahaha  Here is is laying with his favorite baby. 

Prayer List:::
Me, health wise.  Also spiritually so that I really learn the lessons I'm being taught and apply them to my daily life. 
My mother in law as she once again battles Breast Cancer.
Blog friends who are currently fighting Breast Cancer as well.

Bible verse, Devotional:::


  1. Oh man... I too have the same pains and need a good pillow! We have tried so many over the last year its crazy! I love the pic of the dog! Have a great week!!

  2. Adorable picture of Marley! I'm the same way with researching - just love to learn. As for pillows, I'm on the same search, hope you find what works best for you! Have a GREAT week.

  3. I'm always tempted by the My Pillow commercials on television but have no personal knowledge nor do I know anyone who's ever actually tried one. We'll gladly take your "just 44" degree high in these parts :) It's 11 this morning! My mom had hypochondriac tendencies and it is a trying thing, my prayers for you that you find something to calm your anxiety regarding your health. Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful week!

  4. I am continuing in lifting you up in my thoughts and prayers here, Sandra. 3 John 2.

  5. Good luck with your health issue! I know how you feel because after my physical last week, I'm in a similar boat. Trying to stay calm myself, so I will keep you in my thoughts that you are able to do the same!

  6. Good chilly afternoon from Ohio, it’s a high of 16 degrees today, I’ll trade you......prayers for your health, it’s hard not to worry or stress over our health, I hope by keeping faith you will be guided to the answers you need....I have horrible horrible neck, shoulder and back problems, years of finding the right pillow favorite that helped for a long long time was the therapeutic style found at Kohl’s, Walmart etc, they are pricy, but helped tremendously, needless to say now, I have to lay flat, a thin pillow or none, it was hard to get use to laying flat, but eventually I did now can not stand a pillow or lets say being propped up..lgive it a try.....hope you find comfort.....ive heard nothing good on My Pillow......


  7. I buy the Sealy extra firm pillows at Walmart as I'm prone to stiff neck/shoulders. They're good priced and last forever.

  8. I forgot to mention the price, the Sealy extra firm standard sized pillows are just under $8.

  9. A good pillow is essential! love to read you

  10. Marley is so cute! Hope your neck pain is better soon. I've been referred to physiotherapy for mine. Try some exercises (lots of videos online) it's really helped mine whilst I wait for my appointment.

  11. My poor Gal! Bad pillows are the worst! I love MY Pillow personally. I had heard good and bad...and I have several in my home and we love them. I think the secret is when you put it in the dryer when you first get it (they come all flat) don't run it as long as it says. It fluffs it up too much and makes it too hard. I did mine for less time and it's been just right forever now! And it's nice because they are washer and dryer safe - the WHOLE pillow - so worth the extra $.

    And Prayers regarding the hypochondria stuff Hon. I know it may sound cliche, but I believe it's true - that the knowing and admitting your problem (owning it) is always the start of good healing. So you've already begun!And you're such a great reader....I bet you could find lots of wonderfully recommended reading material on how to overcome that thinking. ((Hugs))

    Have a wonderful week ahead. And if you didn't see my post yesterday - please come comment on my blogaversary giveaway so I can enter you in to win! One way to thank you for being such a wonderful blogland friend. xoxo

  12. Hope you start to feel better soon. Worry always makes things seem worse so even though it is hard sometimes try to think positively.

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