Monday, January 22, 2018

Happy Homemaker Monday - 01/22/2018

Good morning friends, hope you've all had a good weekend.

I had a quiet, uneventful and even at times, slightly boring weekend.  I don't often get the chance to feel bored, so when I do it's quite a weird feeling and I don't really know what to do with myself hahaha

It's a good thing though, I think we all need a chance to just sit, be bored and do absolutely nothing, helps replenish the soul :)

The weather:::
36 degrees at the moment.  We had such wonderful weather this weekend, even reaching the 70's, but we're back to cool temps.  So frustrating hahaha

As I look outside my window:::
Gorgeous morning, bright blue skies with not a single cloud in sight.  The sun came up not too long ago and as it shines on the trees and grass, it turns them a deep golden hue.  Just breathtaking. 

Right now I am:::
Sitting on the couch working on this post, still in my pj's.  I've already had my breakfast which consisted of coffee with vanilla creamer, and some Crunchy Granola Raisin Bran.  It's funny, I've never been a huge cereal fan, but lately I've been on a cereal kick and loving granola, raisin bran, weetabix and the sort.   

Thinking and pondering:::
On how far I've come since last week.  When I made that post here on the blog, I think I was at one of the lowest points in my Christian life.  It hasn't been easy, but I've made HUGE strides the past week and am feeling so much better.  I still have my moments here and there, it's so hard when you're fighting your own mind, but I'm trying very very hard, and your prayers definitely help :)

On my bedside table:::
My lotion, some Vicks Vaporub, and The Shelter of God's Promises book.

On my tv:::
Turn Season 1
General Hospital
The Alienist (this one just started two days ago but it looks interesting, so will give it a go)

On the menu for this week:::
Menu planning this week and grocery shopping on Friday, so not sure yet what I'll be making after that, so leaving it blank for now.

Monday - Teriyaki Steak with Basmati rice, Salad
Tuesday - Tomatillo and Cilantro Chicken Enchiladas, Spanish Rice (I'm going to use the leftover rice from the day before) 
Wednesday - Husband's Delight, Veggies
Thursday - Sloppy Joes, Chili Fries
Friday -Chicken Egg Rolls, Sesame Noodles
Saturday -

On my to do list:::
Finishing laundry and putting it away
Dusting and vacuuming

What I am sewing, crocheting, knitting or creating:::
I need to finish up Part 7 of the Elements CAL and hopefully pick up some yarn this coming weekend because I'm out, think I have just enough to finish this part.   

My simple pleasure:::
Watching homemaking vlogs on Youtube 

Lesson learned the past week:::
That even when we don't think about it, our mind can be our biggest ally or our worst enemy.  I had no clue just how anxiety could make a person feel, and after a full week of some of the worst thoughts, chest pains, panic attacks and downright impending doom thoughts, I knew that I had to beg for help.  I used to be able to tell myself that everything is fine, nothing is wrong with me and I would calmly go through whatever thoughts or feelings or symptoms I was experiencing, and logically explain them and that was good enough for me.
Last week, was a week of total despair and nothing I told myself, my husband told me, my children told me, family and friends to me, could deviate my mind from the thought that I was in serious trouble and imagining dangers that were not there.  It was absolutely terrifying.
I'm so thankful to everyone and especially to my Lord for seeing me through this and keeping me sane.  

Looking around the house:::
It's quiet, both kids are still asleep and so are the dogs.  I have my TV on the crime channel, I pretty much leave it on while I go about my day, just really enjoy the shows and the background noise.

From the camera:::
Yummy Chili from one of the cookbooks I'll be sharing with you this week.

Prayer List:::
My friend and blog reader Erika Sung who is battling breast cancer, she is going in this morning for surgery.
Another blog reader Laura, who is also battling breast cancer and going through radiation treatment.
My mother in law who is as well battling breast cancer for the third time, had surgery a few weeks ago and is starting radiation soon.
All the men and women who are in one way or another battling this horrible disease.
Myself, for my health so that I can start feeling better, and also for my spiritual health so that I can continue holding on to the Lord. 

Bible verse, Devotional:::
This is the verse of the day on my Bible App.  How perfect for what I've been struggling with, isn't it?


  1. I had a very low key/boring weekend as well...sometimes it is definitely needed! Glad you are feeling a little better (just read your blog post this morning). I will keep you in my prayers! Your menu sounds yummy this week! Have a great week!!

    1. Thank you so much Jodi, definitely need all the prayers I can get :) Hope you have a blessed week. :)

  2. Your menu for the week looks delicious! I feel like the worst friend right now. I knew you were having a rough time, but I've been so busy with my life, that I've missed out on how much you've needed prayers. Praying for you now dear friend. Hope things continue to get better and better.

  3. I just made my homemade teriyaki sauce last week. Yum. Sloppy joes are in the menu plan now. Thanks for the idea.

  4. Good Morning Sandra, I Love your photos of vintage hankies. I collect them. I pick up anytime I see them at estate sales. they remind me of a simpler time, when things were much more sweet and people took care to create something beautiful out of even something as simple as a handkerchief.
    I was sad to hear about your struggle with anxiety, I am so glad our lord brought you though it, I cant even imagine. Prayers go out to you. Here's to a solution.

  5. Am glad to hear that you're feeling better, Sandra. The battle is definitely in the mind, but, praise God! The answers to all of life's problems can be found in God's Word. Stay in it and stand on it. You remain in my thoughts and prayers here and I've added all of your other requests to my prayer journal. Love and (((hugs)))! Have a blessed day! <3

  6. I'm glad you are feeling better. Anxiety is very hard to deal with. Hugs to you.

  7. So happy you're feeling better dearest! I have been there and panic attacks are THE WORST! I will be continuing prayers your way for more healing and peace and calm for your heart and mind.

    Your weather sounds heavenly! I can't even imagine those temps right now. LOl Have a wonderful week ahead. xoxo

  8. That chili looks DELICIOUS, Sandra!

    I could never watch the crime channel. It would freak me out..... 😱

  9. So glad to hear you're in a better place this week. Our weekend was pretty uneventful as well. I kept thinking we should get out and enjoy the warmer weather but we never did it. Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful week ahead!

  10. Happy glad you’re feeling better.....the weather here in Ohio sure is playing a toll on us all....hope your week is good...look forward to see8ng some new crocheting......


  11. I'm running so late this week visiting everyone. I sure hope you had a GREAT week!


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