Tuesday, January 02, 2018

The past few days...

The past few days have been a mish mash of things, but not in a bad way, in a good, joyful, homemaking and truly content kind of way, even with my crochet which has been making me a little bonkers.


I love crochet, I love crochet, I truly truly deeply love crochet.

I think I've muttered this to myself, repeatedly, after every single row I complete on my new blanket.  Why you may ask?

Because this pattern is driving me up the wall.  It is so curly and pulls in and buckles and just refuses to stay put.  I've never in my life had to block a project as much as this one, matter of fact, I'm usually the crocheter that tries to get away with no blocking at all.  To say that I've come close to ripping it apart and giving up, would be an understatement, but it is absolutely gorgeous and so I push on.

I will give it a good wash when it's complete and then block it while wet and pray very hard that it does what I want it too.

Elements CAL Part 3

I've also started a new Sophie's Universe, this one for my mother in law, and these are the colors she requested. Not what I would pick for myself, I'm not much of a fan of blue, but I think she will love it.


In between crochet projects I've gone grocery shopping, reorganized by fridge and some of the kitchen cabinets and worked my way through all the Christmas decorations and setting my house back to normal.


The weather has been absolutely pitiful, quite cold, some days bringing the wind chill down to -5.  I feel like I'm back in Idaho, actually, Idaho was warmer than we were a few days ago.  Go figure.



We've hid inside and only left the house if absolutely necessary to do so.  We sat by the fire, we warmed up under blankets, watched movies, took naps, played games, enjoyed copious cups of coffee with Stroopwafels


watched the snow come down from behind warm walls.


and spent moments indulging in the Outlander books


Also made a trip to Walmart to use some gift certificates we received for Christmas, and I picked up a new 2018 planner, mostly to keep track of my blog posting and reviews etc.

I really want to get back to full time blogging and I find it easier to have some sort of schedule figured out to help me with that.



Also picked up a new notebook for my menu planning and grocery shopping.  My old one is getting full and I thought that it would be nice to start a new year with a new book.


Today, I rearranged my den/dining room, moved the piano from one wall to the other, which was a really stupid thing to do on my own.  I'm feeling it now, but it looks so much nicer in there.

I've slowly been working on doing things around the house, little cleaning and organizing here, a little shuffling of decorations there, just enjoying homemaking as much as I can.

TV wise, I've been completely immersed in a few documentaries on Netflix, all to do with the Royal Family and the Queen etc.

Elizabeth at 90:  A Family Tribute
The Royal House of Windsor
The Royals

If you enjoy History or the Royal family, as much as I do, be sure to check those out.

Right, I'm going to try and tackle Part 4 of the blanket without it curling all over, we will see how that goes.

Have a wonderful blessed night :)


  1. Happy New Year Sandra! Who designed the pattern for your top photo of crochet? Is it available on Ravelry? I thinks it's gorgeous. You enjoy intricate patterns don't you?

  2. Happy New ayear! Love the crocheting.......your journal is adorable......love the freshness of a new year.......have a blessed week


  3. Your crocheting is lovely as always. Such wonderful patterns and colors.

    Happy 2018 ~ FlowerLady


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