Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Two sick kids, a sick husband and a sore momma

Oh my friends, what a crazy past two days it's been.

Let me start by telling you about yesterday and my physical therapy appointment.  I went in there not knowing what to expect or what was going to happen.  My doctor was extremely nice, attentive and really went out of his way to figure out what is wrong with my shoulder and the best course of action.

The diagnosis is Rotator Cuff Tendonities, also have Impingement with my Scapula muscle and a pinched radial nerve....all on the right side, so right shoulder, right chest/breast area and right arm.

He did a Dry Needle treatment on two of the muscles, and it did feel really good afterward but I'm a bit swollen today and quite sore.  I've kept it iced like he told me too, but it's still quite painful.

I am now set for Physical Therapy twice a week for 3 weeks and then we'll see how I'm doing and where to go from there if needed.

Unfortunately today was my first appointment but I had to cancel it, as both my kids came down with a possible flu.

We've all been dealing with some sort of cold thing for a few days.  I had it last week, two days of chills, body aches and fever and chest pain.  My husband and the kids now have it, even though the kids seem to have it the worst.

I had an appointment this morning for Jasmine but Nick woke up quite sick as well, so I took him in to be seen with her.

Fevers, body aches, chest pain, congestion, cough, sore throat, headaches and chills.

The hospital was packed with people, so many kids and adults wearing masks, and while we were waiting to be called back they wheeled by a young girl on a stretcher, also wearing a mask and oxygen etc.  I felt absolutely awful watching the little girl go by with tears in her eyes and her worried mom following behind.

Anyway, once in, the doctor checked both kids over and informed me that they are so overwhelmed with patients that they can't test for the flu because they're completely out of flu tests, and out of Tamiflu as well.  He is however treating this as if it was the flu.

Basically he gave them meds, and said to keep them home, lots of rest, water, and keep an eye on them.  If they develop shortness of breath or racing heart etc., then to immediately take them to the nearest ER.  That's how severe this flu season is, it's not something to play around with at all.

Hence why I cancelled my appointment, I've been home tending to both kids, going between bedrooms, giving medicine, taking temps and keeping them comfortable.

I made a big pot of chicken soup (they love my homemade chicken soup when they're not well) and that's what the kids had for dinner.

I'm just praying that this sickness stays away, we're going to stay indoors as much as possible and if there was a way to only come out in the Spring, I would totally do it hahah

Well, I'm off to get in bed, take some Motrin and try to get this right shoulder rested and the swelling down.

Hope you all have a wonderful night, and if any of you out there are dealing with these horrible colds and flus, I pray you feel better and continue to heal.  And please, if you're not sure how sick you are, go in and get checked out, better safe than sorry.



  1. We have the flu in our area too, actually one of my residents nearly died of it but is now doing well. Praying your family feels better soon!
    PS - have you noticed that the crossbar in the window in your header shot looks like a cross? I love the way it looks with your hands on the right and the "cross" on the left!

    1. Mari, I had a look for the cross on the window and WOW! Thanks for mentioning!

    2. Oh Mari, I didn't even notice the cross until you mentioned it, and oh my goodness, I almost cried. With what I've been going through and the spiritual battle I've been under, that cross means SO much to me. Thank you for pointing it out :)

  2. I hope they all feel better soon and it doesn't worsen. I work in the elementary school cafeteria and on Monday the nurse's office was so filled with kids a lot had to stand waiting in the office. It's an awful year of sicknesses. My son is getting over bronchitis and my daughter is getting over a sinus infection. I can't wait for spring either.

    1. It's awful, so many sick kids and adults too. Mine are still not well, thankfully the fevers seem to be coming down a bit. Just want this awful cold/flu season to end so that everyone can feel better.

  3. I was having lots of rotator cuff pain and problems and was frustrated and not getting anywhere so I decided to do a Whole30 for 30 days hoping that by eliminating the things they recommend for 30 days to reset your body I could eliminate the inflammation so I can start feeling healing. I can’t believe the difference. The pain completely went away and it mildly returns when I over indulge on grains and sugar. I also started taking some fish oil supplements and turmeric since they are both good for inflammation. It definitely wouldn’t hurt to try it to see relief in pain.

    1. D, thanks for your info on the Whole30! Like you and Sandra, I have been having shoulder pain so I plan on looking into this! Glad to see you are feeling better!

    2. Thank you so much for the advice, I never thought to look into what I was eating as a cause of inflammation. I'm going to look it up and see if it's something I can do, even if it doesn't help my shoulder it's not going to hurt the rest of my body to reset it :)

  4. Hope everyone is feeling better soon. We all came down with the flu on Christmas, one by one! This is an especially nasty strain.

    1. Thank you so much. My husband is starting to feel better, the kids however are still very much sick and we're on day 3 of fevers now, thankfully they've dropped down to low grade. It really is an awful strain this year.

  5. The flu is terrible in our area. I had to go to the hospital to take my mother items, as she was in there for another reason. I didn't go the last two days to avoid germs. I have already gotten congestion, sinus pressure, fatique, and now a cough, but thankfully all is better but the cough. I will be downing teas today, and hot soup. Hope you all get better.

  6. I very much like your pattern it's beautiful,thank for sharing good i dea !



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