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Just Sit by Sukey Novogratz and Elizabeth Novogratz - TLC Book Tour


About Just Sit

• Hardcover: 224 pages
• Publisher: Harper Wave (December 26, 2017)

From the cofounders of The Well Daily, a playfully-illustrated, informative, and easy-to-use meditation guidebook—including an eight-week plan for busy novices—that helps even the busiest would-be meditator incorporate this practice into their lifestyle and enjoy its many physical and emotional benefits.

We’ve all heard the reports about meditation: that it helps us relieve stress and anxiety, improve our moods, lose weight, and sleep better. We know that it can make us healthier, nicer, a kinder parent, a better coworker, a more thoughtful spouse. But there’s a catch—you actually have to do it.

Written for the many, many people whose schedule or skepticism has kept them from trying meditation, Just Sit is an approachable and visually engaging beginner's guide. Assuaging fears, answering questions, and providing real-world information to demystify the process, Sukey and Elizabeth Novogratz provide a hands-on look at what meditation really is, what is does, and how to do it. The authors make clear that meditation doesn't have to be complicated or follow a specific protocol. The most important part, to "just sit," can lead to a lifelong practice, tailored to anyone's lifestyle.

A perfect blend of information and instruction, Just Sit covers everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask. Sukey and Elizabeth address meditation myths and realities, offer advice on how to combat awkwardness, extoll the physical and emotional benefits of meditation, show readers how to find those precious minutes to meditate every day, and more. They also include an eight-week plan to get help readers kick start—and stay with—their own daily practice.

Time to ditch the excuses. With this warm, encouraging, sassy guide, everyone will want to show up—and sit down—every day.

Visit justsit.com to find out more.

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 My Thoughts:

This book came at just the right time for me.  I have been wanting to get into meditation for a very long time, and never really got around to starting or even looking into it.

But I knew that it's something I would greatly benefit from.

We live in such a chaotic life, so fast paced and stressful, it often feels like we're running at 1000 miles per second, dodging all sorts of objects and never taking time to sit down and just breathe.

That's where Just Sit comes in.

I absolutely LOVE the way the book is written.  It is not dry boring material using intricate words that leave you confused or with even more questions than you started with.  It's simple, it's illustrated, it's funny in some parts and it really hits home.

It is set up to not only help you get started but also focus on what exactly you need meditation for, and how best to use it for your advantage.  Let's face it, we all have very different lives and where I may feel the need to meditate to release stress or tension, someone may need to meditate for health reasons or spiritual reasons.

In this book you will find examples, not only on how long to meditate, how to meditate for different reasons, how to sit properly, how to breathe properly, how to focus and how to get the best out of every meditation session.

It also puts to rest many meditation notions or taboos and preconceptions that are simply not true.

I've loved every page, I've talked about it with my husband and children, I've tried a few exercises and have noticed an immediate difference in the way I feel immediately afterwards, but also the whole day after.

Highly suggest it if you're interested in meditating or getting started.


  1. I felt the blend of instruction and information was almost perfect as well and would interest even non-readers.
    Enjoyed your review :)

  2. Thanks for being a part of the tour!


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