Monday, January 08, 2018

{ Happy Homemaker Monday - 01/08/2018 }

Good morning everyone and Happy Monday!!!

I was actually looking forward to today, not sure why, but sometimes I look forward to a new week, the routine, school and work and all that.  Call me crazy, but it's true.

We had a good weekend with an outing on Saturday which I talked about here on the blog, so if you missed it be sure to read up on that post, and then yesterday was a homemaking/movie watching kind of day.  I also spent a few hours last night, working on my Blog to Book for 2013, and ended up having to split the book in two because there was so much content.

I'm really enjoying going back in time though and seeing how far we've come and everything we've gone through.  It's been a wonderful walk down memory lane.

Right, enough jabbering, it's time for our Happy Homemaker Monday.

Happy Homemaker Monday

The weather.....The temps have gone up a bit, and we've been seeing upper 50's and 60's.  The rest of the week is supposed to be nice temps but then it dips down again next weekend.  I have zero patience for confused weather. 

Right now I am....Just sat down on the couch.  I made coffee for the hubby and I and he is getting ready for work.  I usually mess around on the computer for a bit before doing my HHM, but I figured I would go ahead and get it up nice and early.

Thinking....About our life back then and our life now, what's changed, what remains the same.  I've definitely changed and I won't lie and say that it was all for the better, because it wasn't.  I seem to have gotten caught up in all the stress and chaos of life after military retirement, and lost a bit of myself.  I envy the relationship I had with God, the closeness and the faith and the fact that I didn't worry about things.  I've become such a worry wart and it's frustrating me so much.  But, it's also pushing me to change what I don't like and get back to the person I want to be and like being. 

On my reading pile....Quite a bit, I showed you my reading pile yesterday, you can see all the books I currently have waiting to be read. 

On my TV.....I tried to watch My Cousin Rachel yesterday but between the interruptions throughout the day and my own ditzy head, I lost interest and turned it off.  Also tried to watch Dunkirk and the same thing happened...ugh.

Here's what I want to watch, some I'll continue this week, others are just on the list for when I have time, but this is basically what I'm hoping to watch:

The White Princess
The Last Post
Bomb Girls
Victoria Season 2
Madame Bovary
The time in between
Kurt Seyit & Sura

What I found while surfing the net....If you've never heard of the website, Bored Panda, you should give it a look.  I don't often get much time to just sit and be bored, but it does happen at times and really there is only so much scrolling a person can do through Instagram and Facebook before wanting to pull their hair out.  That's where Bored Panda comes in, this website brings together a whole bunch of different interesting articles on all sorts of subjects, whether it's travel, animals, photography etc.  Pretty interesting to look at.

On the menu for this week....I'll be going grocery shopping on Saturday morning but really only have meals planned until Thursday, so Friday will be a take out night, either pizza or burgers, I'm not sure.
Monday - Mozzarella stuffed Meatballs and Spaghetti
Tuesday - Nando's Rotisserie Chicken, Potato Wedges, Salad
Wednesday - Pork Chops, Rice
Thursday - Lasagna Roll Ups, Salad
Friday -
Saturday - 
Sunday -

On my to do list....
Couple reviews this week
Put in my subscription refills for my Motrin and my Birth control patches
Homeschooling - new semester begins today
Usual homemaking chores

In the craft basket....My Elements CAL is waiting for Wednesday for the new Part to be released.  I've also started another blanket I've been wanting to make.

Looking forward to this week....Just hoping for a good homemaking week, also taking another step toward being closer to God and continuing to work on that journey. 

Looking around the house....It's very quiet at the moment, hubby just left for work and it's just me and Marley.  He is sleeping on the couch next to me.  I did most of my cleaning yesterday so I have a clean and tidy house at the moment. 

From the camera....
Love Lavender

On my prayer list.....My mother in law as she recovers from yet another surgery and is headed to radiation after this.
For my daughter, she is struggling to figure out where to go from here and what to do with regards to jobs, or college and what to study etc.
For my husband, he hurt his thigh a few weeks ago while running and it's still bothering him and hurting.
For me, to stay focused on getting closer to God and to not allow anything to deviate me from that.  For health and for a good year ahead.  
For my son, he had a bit of a scare last week.  The kids have always said that they hear noises in this house and so on, but apparently he had seen a shadow in his room a few times and didn't say anything.  The other night as he headed to the kitchen for a drink, this shadow not only showed up again but stepped towards him and reached out.  He was terrified.  We've since burned some sage and have rebuked it in the Lord's name.  I know some people don't believe in ghosts and such, but after my childhood and what I saw and went through I firmly believe it and will do whatever is needed to ensure my children are not affected by these ghosts either.  He is still pretty shaken up about it and is having trouble sleeping for fear of seeing it again, so prayers would be very much appreciated.

Bible verse, Devotional....I just went through my Bible App and removed old plans I had on there and started 4 new ones.  I feel it is imperative to my journey back to my unshakable faith.  So I thought today I would share with you the 4 plans that I'm starting, instead of a Bible verse or Devotional.

Stop It!  No More Worry
New Day, New You
Choosing Each Day: God or Self?
God's Answer to Fear, Worry, And Anxiety


  1. I completely understand the weather issues. We are in North Texas too and I'm just ready for it to pick a season already! Have a wonderful week Sandra!

    1. Quite insane isn't it, low to high and back to low. haha
      Have a great week :)

  2. How scary for your son! Hope he is able to get a good night sleep soon!!! Have a great week!

    1. Thank you Jodi, it really scared him, but I think he's starting to get over the fright and sleeping better. Have a great week :)

  3. Your menu sounds good this week. I find the inconsistent weather makes menu planning a bit harder than it should be. Get all set for comfort food and the weather turns spring-like! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!

    1. It can be quite hard to meal plan this way, especially since I tend to cook more slow cooker meals in the winter and do soups and stews and then it's a blue sky and high temp, and I have to switch with something else lol Have a great week :)

  4. I'm so with you on the confused weather! Pick a season already! Getting older seems to add to the uneasiness of military retirement too, not sleeping as well, etc... I like your plans for devotional that I'm sure will ease that uneasiness. HUGS & Prayers for you all as you have what I hope is a GREAT week.

    1. Oh you are so right, I find the older I get, the more I struggle with sleep, pains and even dealing with situations and adapting. It's a battle for sure. I hope you're doing well and recovering. Have a wonderful week :)

  5. Your menus always sound so good, Sandra, and I love the photo of the lavender. It's one of my favorites, too. Praying Isaiah 54:17, Isaiah 53:13, I Peter 2:24, and 2 Timothy 1:7 over you and your family. These things are real, yes, but as a child of God you have authority over them in the name of Jesus. Stay in the Word daily and learn to stand firm upon the scriptures therein. Have a blessed week ahead!

    1. Sorry...Isaiah 54:13...NOT 53:13!!! Oopps!!!

    2. Thank you so very much for the scriptures, I surely need them at the moment. I'm going to take note and will be adding them to my prayers. And absolutely, these things are real, but as a child of God, I will NOT allow them into my home or my family. Have a wonderful blessed week Rebecca :)

  6. Thanks most sincerely for hosting, sweet Sandra !

    Wishing you a most lovely new week,
    sending blessings across the many miles

    XOXO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~ (Dany)

    1. You are so welcome Daniela, and thank you for your sweet comment and for joining in. I appreciate it.

      Have a wonderful week Xx

  7. I've been making lavender bags for my dresser drawers. They smell fantastic! Have a great week!

    1. I would love to make some too, but I need to find some Lavender to buy in bulk. I so wish I could grow my own here in Texas but haven't had much luck at all, it just dies on me. Have a wonderful week :)

  8. Happy 2018 my Friend! I hope it brings you much joy and peace. ;) Was catching up on some of your recent posts and loved your adventures. But especially loved your post about prayer time with God. I do my devotional and time with Him daily and it just sets my day right. Keep it up dearest! Also, just said prayers for your MIL and your son.
    Have a great week ahead! xoxo

    1. Thank you so much my sweet friend, and a Happy 2018 to you too. I'm going to try very hard to stay up to date with my Devotionals, my hope is that I stick to it on a daily basis, I certainly have enough time in the morning to do it. Thank you for your prayers too, I so appreciate them :) Have a wonderful week xoxoxo

  9. Oh, my friend! The whole going back to who you used to be hit home SO hard today! Where do you get your lavender, by the way? Mine grew fantastically til the landscaping people chopped it with the weed-whacker!
    Have a beautiful week, prayers continue!

    1. I actually found my Lavender at a local Antique store. I would absolutely love to grow my own but haven't had much luck at all, but I'm determined to try it again and again. Thank you for your prayers, and yes, it's very real and quite scary especially for a 14 year old to encounter. We're praying all this nonsense away. Have a great week :)

  10. Also, as far as what you saw in your house, I'm a firm believer. I've seen and heard things too, and that is very, very real. Praying for all of you.

  11. "The other night as he headed to the kitchen for a drink, this shadow not only showed up again but stepped towards him and reached out."

    I've seen something like this before. You did the right thing.

    Have you posted on here about your experiences?

    1. I'm sorry you had to experience that too, that's awful. I did briefly mention some of my experiences in another post, it was actually back in October around Halloween :)

    2. It's real.

      I felt a little funny asking. Morbid curiousity. Not sure I should go read it or not! But thanks.

  12. Oh my goodness .... I'll be praying for anything negative in your house to leave immediately! That scares me so much. I lived in one house where I saw a small boy, twice. He was close to Jake's size at the time. I saw him one night and I reached out, thinking it was Jake, and my arm went right through him. I felt nothing negative though. Bring in a pastor or someone to do a blessing on your home if this continues!

    1. Thank you Sherry. I had such awful experiences growing up and I was about the same age as my son is now, I just hate to think he had to go through something too. We're going to keep an eye on it, for sure.


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