Tuesday, January 31, 2023

{ Blog 365 #31 - Another Winter Storm }

It is another cold day here in Northern Texas, as we are currently under another Winter Storm, this time an Ice Storm.  There was no work or schools yesterday, nor today, and apparently not tomorrow either.
There is a cold air storm moving in from Canada, and then we have warm air moving in from the South of us, and it is all converging where we live.  South of us will get lots of rain, north of us will get lots of snow, and we are in what they're calling The Battle Zone.  Right?  Makes you want to run doesn't it?  

Apparently it means we are where they meet so we get the ice, freezing rain, and sleet conditions.  It is dangerous, it is nerve wrecking and above all it is cold.


Curt and I were up early this morning, and by early I mean 3:30 AM.  Kaia needed to go potty, and then we couldn't fall back asleep, so we laid in bed chatting, playing with Kaia and by 4 just figured we might as well get up.  So we did.

I made my way, coldly, into the kitchen, and started our coffee, and while the water boiled, I got a fire started, and mixed together a dough for some Portuguese bread.  Pao Caseiro.....which literally means Homey Bread, because this the kind of loaf you will find in old Portuguese homes in the quaint little villages in Portugal.

There is nothing to it but 4 ingredients, but honestly, you can't beat the taste of rustic warm fresh bread, slathered in butter.


With the house being so cold, I set the bread to rise near the fireplace, where it stayed nice and toasty, and within an hour, it had doubled in size.

In the meantime, I got 2 packs of bacon into the oven.  Curt and I were craving bacon and egg sandwiches for breakfast, and I needed to cook the two packs before they expired.  The rest of the bacon is in a ziploc in the fridge, and will be used throughout the week.



While the bacon cooked and the dough rose, I also made a batch of Homemade Peppermint Mocha Creamer.  I find it not only cheaper, but also healthier to make it at home, especially when you actually take the time to look at the ingredients on the back of the store bought creamer.  What on earth?

It's a bit scary.  It's also getting more and more expensive, so for the moment I'll just make it at home.


The rest of the day, I didn't do much at all.  I have a horrid hormonal headache, cramps and the usual Perimenopause light headedness.  It makes it hard to get much done, so I'm thrilled I got so much sorted early morning.

We are now bracing for the incoming snow and ice overnight, and into Thursday morning.  I just pray our pipes don't freeze again.  

If you're in the path of these Winter Storms, stay warm and stay safe.  I'll be praying for us all.

Right, I am going to sign off, I just got out of the shower and washed my hair, now I want to go give it a quick snip snip, just on the ends.  Then I'll be reading, watching some tv and going to bed early. 



I will leave you with a little peek at one of the Kitchen Towels I sewed last week.  I am in love with it, and it matches my kitchen perfectly.

Have a wonderful night ladies, and I'll see you all tomorrow.  

By the way, I can't believe I was able to post every single day in January.  Wow!!!  It is getting easier to post, at least for me, although I'm sure there will be days that I'll probably feel like I don't know what to talk about.  Hahah

Anyway, we will deal with those as they come. ♥



  1. Wow, that sounds like a scary storm. Hope everyone stays safe and warm. So enjoyed seeing all your photos. And those towels are beautiful! Hooray for posting every day in January! I've enjoyed both the challenge of posting on my own blog and the joys of reading the others. Happy February!

  2. It's cold here this week. Brr. I post daily, but then I feel guilty if I take a day off ha ha! The towel looks nice.

  3. Please share Homey Bread and mocha recipes. Thank you. Hope y'all are safe.

  4. So glad you're staying home, cozy and safe. It looks so dangerous out there! Have a slice of that yummy bread for me.

  5. Your blog is cozy and warm but the weather, brrrr


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