Saturday, June 9, 2012

Day 11

I had to get out of the house with the kids today.
We just needed to go out and do something, and even though it wasn't anything expensive or out of this world, and we were only gone a little over an hour, we enjoyed it.

:::: first stop, lunch at Burger King
Day 11

:::: it's not something we do often, matter of fact fast food places are not something we eat much of....but since it had been a long time, it's where we went :)
Day 11

:::: library was our next stop, to return some books and get a few more
Day 11

:::: there's always time for a quick game in between book picking
Day 11

:::: and the best way to pick books is sitting on the carpet
Day 11

:::: this little boy is at the *hate reading stage* which makes library trips a little frustrating. He gets very irritated having to pick books. I just keep reminding myself it's a stage, Jasmine was the same way at 9 years old...he'll get over it soon, there's no way he won't being part of a family that adores reading :)
Day 11

:::: do I have to pick another book?
Day 11

:::: pure joy for me
Day 11

:::: back home, and the books are in the library basket in the living room, ready for reading
Day 11

:::: some fresh cut flowers to brighten the kitchen table
Day 11

and then suddenly the day came to a screeching halt.

See, I had decided to go clean out my husband's truck, give it a good cleaning, vacuum inside etc. I was already a little frustrated because it was 106 degrees and I was hot and sweaty......but then I came across a folder of his from school, with his handwriting....and that was all that was needed.

I found myself holding back tears and swallowing the lump in my throat.

How ridiculous, it's just a folder, it's just his handwriting, it's not that big of a deal.

But that is where I was wrong. I literally felt like all of a sudden the feelings of missing him and being sad and lonely just came crushing down on top of me like a pile of bricks, and I ran. I shut the door, I walked into the house, made my way into the bedroom and lay on the bed clutching his pillow and crying.

I think I needed it really bad. I have been trying to hold it in and be strong for the kids and for him, but I just couldn't anymore.

Funny, because I sent him a text in the middle of my breakdown and with just a few words he was able to calm me down, to get me back on track. He always knows how to do that, no matter what is going on around me, what is stressing me out, my husband has a way of making it all better.

But it wasn't just him, because my amazing children heard me crying and came into the bedroom and proceeded to comfort ME. I should be doing this for them, but in that moment, they took over, they hugged me, they kissed my forehead, they told me that it's ok, that we can do this, we can make it through, we'll be fine, before we know it daddy will be home.

And then they disappeared into the kitchen....and a few moments later I walked in to find this going on

:::: there was ham being cut
Day 11

::::  a little boy flipping an omelet
Day 11

:::: Yep, an omelet is what was being prepared by my kiddos
Day 11

:::: Here mommy, we made you dinner and don't worry about us, we'll make ourselves dinner too
Day 11

I don't know what I have ever done to deserve the amazing children and husband I have.

But I am so thankful, because in these small moments, in these little actions, I know that no matter what bumps may come my way, I WILL be fine, and I will make it through....because of them!


Conny said...

what sweet kiddos you have!! and that omelet looks AMAZING! :)

Amy said...

What books did you bring home from the library :-)

I was out of the house most of the day, today, too. Just needed the break, since the kids are with their dad.

NITA said...

Great seeing Curt & Chris & Pat time you will be there too!!! You are such a trooper!!

~Carla~ said...

After eating your home cooking, I don't think I could ever eat fast food again!! lol! Mind you it's been years anyways, all the same.. ;) It's good to let it all out, ((hugs)) onwards & upwards!

Melonie said...

Totally tearing up. What awesome kiddos!!!! (((hugs)))

Melonie said...

Totally tearing up. What awesome kiddos!!!! (((hugs)))

autumnesf said...

Encourage N to pick out audio books. It was a lifesaver with our son. Putting one on in his room while he played or whatever (at bedtime) really reversed his reading hating by the end of a summer. And it kept me from being the total bad guy by FORCING him to read a book...which he resisted and decided to fight back on. Might be worth grabbing one or two each trip. Before I knew it my son was bringing home several each time.

ArmyWifeWrites said...

What a blessing your children and hubby (even though miles away) are!

Just Us said...

What a precious family you have :)

Cindy said...

I'm having the same problem with my just-turned 10 yo and picking out books; let's hope it's just a phase, too!!

What a yummy looking omelette-great kids!

Kelly H said...

This post tugged at my heart. I am a military spouse too. Things don't always go as planned. We aren't always as strong as we want to be. I always thank God for my kids who make the separations so much easier. It goes to show that you are raising some wonderful, thoughtful children!